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We live in an age where technology controls much of what we do.  And when the technology we depend on fails, our productivity flies right out the window.  With DT Calculator by Storagepipe, users can calculate exactly how much money their business is losing any time their servers crash.  The Downtime Cost Calculator uses specific information to estimate how much money a business may lose for every second of server downtime, giving those in charge a better way to calculate their losses and report these figures to anyone higher up.

Amongst IT administrators, server downtime has become quite a concern considering that data storage requirements continue to rapidly increase despite the economic downturn.  They now have less money to clean up such messes, meaning they must do all they can to maintain their system’s efficiency.

The calculator acts as the applications main attraction, needing only a few bits of data in order to figure out your losses.  To figure out your lost sales, input the yearly revenue, business hours in one year, and impact to sales figures.  To determine lost productivity, input the number of employees affected, average employee cost per hour, and the average percentage they are affected.  Then, hit the panic button the moment servers crash to watch the application calculate the amount lost as the counter tracks the amount of time passing while the servers are down.

DT Calculator also offers a Videos tab, which draws you in simply out of curiosity, for it is hard to imagine why such a calculator would come with a slew of videos.  However, these “What If?” videos simply summarize the online backup, data archiving, email archiving, high availability and business continuity systems and services Storagepipe offers businesses.  These services seem to fit seamlessly with the product’s main feature, for these services seem to promise no more downtime worries for such companies.  They provide you with this free calculator, all in hope that you will find their other services extremely enticing.

Though the calculator itself seems to be quite a useful tool, the application as a whole seems more like one giant advertisement for all the other services Storagepipe offers for businesses.  With an entire section dedicated to videos that conjure images of server failure disasters and burning building-type panic, one cannot help but feel as if they have been tricked into watching numerous cartoon videos that they originally had hoped would teach them something new about coping with server downtime.  (Though you basically catch on to the fact that you won’t be learning anything after two or three video clips.)  If your services are that helpful, make this known right away, for nine videos is pure overkill and quite the deterrent.

DT Calculator [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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