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Price: $.99     Score: 9/10     By A. Papachristos120 BPM - Little Worlds Studio

Step foot in any nightclub and you are sure to hear some serious beats.  With remixes of today’s popular hits and an increased interest in the electronic sound, DJs add that techno beat that gets the people on their feet, making club music a new addiction that has caught on with even the most mainstream artists.  Now, with 120 BPM by Little Worlds Studio, users can use their Apple device to compose their own musical creations and share their jams with the rest of the world.

Many may find 120 BPM confusing at first, for there are so many buttons within the composition studio and so many options and sound clips to choose from and work with, that may make this application seem more daunting than it truly is.  For those who abhor directions, I highly recommend just playing around and testing each button for yourself so you can begin to get a feel for what 120 BPM can do.  For those who need to know exactly how to do what they want to do before they do it, have no fear, for 120 BPM also features a comprehensive, step-by-step Help guide, which just happens to be the top button of the main menu.

With the My Studio button, users can hop right into the studio and piece together their own compositions.  The application offers four different musical styles, featuring Electro, with the option to purchase Funk, Dance and Pop-Rock beats for $.99 each.  Each style includes 48 samples that you can combine to create your own individualized compositions.  Select your style by using the button at the top of the column along the left side of the screen, then peruse the available tracks listed one through six.  Use the top button once again to sift through the rest of the style’s available samples.  From these, you may choose up to five tracks to play at once.  Users may even contribute their own voice samples by recording up to six tracks under the My Samples page.

The remaining buttons (from left to right) across the top of the studio’s screen are fairly simple and self-explanatory.  The volume button allows users to control the volume on individual tracks or the overall volume of the composition.  The tempo button allows users to speed up or slow down the pace of their composition.  The move/duplicate button makes it easy for users to copy and paste certain portions of their composition.  Save allows you to store up to eight compositions, while load allows you to return to any composition you’ve previously saved.  The undo/redo button speaks for itself, while the Help button allows you to easily refresh your memory right within the studio in case you forget how to do something while composing.  The ‘X’ button in the right corner will take you back to the main menu.

Best of all, with My World, 120 BPM integrates the ability to share your creations with the world by allowing users to post their compositions on their servers for free.  By doing so, users can peruse the virtual world for other composers.  If you find someone you enjoy, add them to your friends list so you can listen to their creations whenever you wish.  Even post your compositions to Facebook, where your friends can listen for free using QuickTime Player, no app required!

Not only does 120 BPM allow those without the instrumental resources or talent to create intricate and entertaining compositions, but it also allows those who simply love to have fun test their composing skills for quite cheap.  Being one who has little musical talent, I come away from 120 BPM feeling accomplished, for I can create interesting songs that, with some effort and tweaking, may actually sound something like what you’d hear at a club.  And even if my compositions never rank high amongst the other composers all over the world, at least I will have had a fantastic time building these songs with 120 BPM!

120 BPM [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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