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Many iPhone applications, you can tell, were designed with humor in mind.  With concepts so far-fetched, one knows immediately that the application only exists for the sake of laughter.  However, when the humor fails to translate in the process of turning a concept into a product, the application’s main reason for existence fails.

For instance, The Girlfriend Panic Button by Make Your Girlfriend Happy turns your device into a silly alarm that spews lame comebacks to your girlfriend’s biggest worries or complaints.  Considering none of the alarm’s responses would ever help one’s situation in real life, one can only assume the app was created in jest, mainly a way of mocking an actual argument between significant others.  Sadly, though, the goofy voice that speaks the lame lines comes off just as idiotic as any guy who would honestly try using such excuses to help their cause.

When you start up The Girlfriend Panic Button, you will find one simple, single page with a dial in the middle.  At the top of the page, users will find a link to the Make Your Girlfriend Happy site, allowing users to sign up for deals, alerts and more.  Just enter you email address, postal code, location, anniversary, her birthday and submit right within the application itself.

Turn the dial, which is labeled Select Your Mistake.  Choose from one of four scenarios: Say Something Stupid, Forgot Her Birthday, 5 Minutes Late, Slept with Her Best Friend.  Once you’ve chosen a mistake, slide the bar at the bottom to arm your device, and then press the red button when you need that stereotypical saying to sound.  Most of the excuses will simply make you sigh due to their predictability.  However, Sleep with Best Friend’s response will make you want to slap yourself across the face.  “I thought best friends shared everything.”  Sure, this saying also qualifies as overdone, for I have heard said phrase uttered before, but in each of these prior instances, this saying has always been a joke.

Of course, no one can possibly take The Girlfriend Panic Button seriously.  (If they do, then they’ve got bigger problems to worry about than their girlfriend’s panic attacks.)  The application obviously mocks the stupidity of a screwed up boyfriend.  But why would anyone need an application that makes fun of someone (and not well, at that) when they can very well poke fun for free?  We don’t need technology to suck ALL the fun out of everyday life.


The Girlfriend Panic Button [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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