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This one admittedly took me a few tries, but I think the small effort of trying to understand how it works is well worth it. Dear X, an app designed by Beejay, is an SMS app that allows you to write a personalized text and send it to multiple recipients at once, personalized.

In the beginning, it seems self-explanatory. Enter as many contacts as you’d like from your contact book in the field at the top, then type a personalized text message in the box. Tap [Var], where you have a selection of inserting each individuals’ first name, last name, nick name, or first and last name (as they appear in your contacts book) into the text. Tapping “First Name,” for example, inserts “#FIRST_NAME” into your text.

So as a sample text, you might enter, “Hi, #FIRST_NAME! What’s up?” Enter a few contacts, then hit send. John will receive a text that says “Hi, John! What’s up?” Meg will receive one with her name, etc. You can also toggle the CC List on and off in the “Variables” section depending on whether or not you want to see all of the names in the text. Also notable is that you can tap “Preview” to see how your text will look before hitting send.

This is great for many situations, from finding out what all of your friends are doing for the evening to mass texting co-workers to remind them about a meeting. The one problem I found was that once I added a contact, I couldn’t delete it. I wrote a text then added my husband and a friend as the contacts, then decided I didn’t want to send it to the friend after all. I tapped the name in the contacts field and poked around the other sections, but it seems the only way to get rid of a contact is sending the text or deleting and reinstalling the app (it saves the information when you exit). So a delete option for the contacts would be appreciated.

Other than that, this is quite a useful app. If you find it confusing, it’s worth nothing that the developer will soon be offering a version with a manual to help you out.

Dear X [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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4 Responses to “Send Multiple Personalized Texts at Once with Dear X”

  1. Beejay says:

    Just wanted to note as the developer..

    The upgrade will include a button to delete contacts as well in addition to the manual


  2. Beejay says:

    The current work around (till the update is approved) for deleting friends is to actually not uninstall but to kill the app in multitasking ;)

    For those who don’t understand what means here are the steps

    1) exit app by pressing home button
    2) double tap home button
    3) hold the dear x icon till it shakes and the cancel icon appears

  3. Jacob Nickelsen says:

    perhaps you might consider to include signature option in your next version?

    btw, great app and very useful app for sub dollar.

  4. Beejay says:

    Update Has been successfully applied to the appstore .. Made a rookie mistake of uploading the wrong binary though … First deletion will work.. but any subsequent deletes won’t..

    This has actually been addressed and will be available soon.. the update is currently waiting review on itunes connect

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