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Price: $.99     Score: 9/10     By A. Papachristos360

Though the concept of multi-tasking has become standard on any given Apple device, Safari still does not present the level of ease users are used to when browsing the Internet on an actual computer.  Safari comes standard on every Apple device, but still requires users to juggle multiple pages, leaving users dizzy and making the application ideal for only quick searches.  Yet with 360 Web Browser – Awesome, Feature Rich Browser w/Tabs and More by Digital Poke, users can dive right in, sifting through pages and opening tabs as if they were seated in front of a desktop.

With 360 Web Browser, users will find this highly customizable application to be a smart, simple alternative to the typical mobile web browser.  When you begin, 360 Web Browser will first take you through a basic tutorial that explains how to use the most significant tools offered.  Though reading through will give you a basic knowledge of how to use the browser, hands-on learning seems to accelerate one’s competency and efficiency much effectively.

Once you’ve sifted through the tutorial, you will find the main screen, which looks more or less like the tab of a normal browser.  On top, you will find a bar to enter specific web addresses, as well as a Google search bar.  The ‘+’ under the Google search bar allows you to open an unlimited number of tabs, with links opening in a tab directly next to your current tab, making your experience as smooth as possible.  On the About:Blank startup tab, you will see your Recently Visited pages on top, followed by links to the Most Famous pages and your Recently Bookmarked sites.

The bottom of the screen displays the important navigation bar, which not only allows you to move backward and forward between sites like a typical browser, but also provides users with the tools that make 360 Web Browser stand out from the crowd.  The circular arrow, of course, allows users to refresh whichever page they wish.  The button directly to its right, which vaguely resembles a ring, reveals the unique 360 Arc, which allows users to access 10 different features (17 when on Full Screen mode) simply by dragging the arc onto the screen.  Users will use their finger to spin through the various offerings, including adding a page to bookmarks, disabling the pop-up blocker, clearing one’s history, or setting the homepage.

As you move further to the right, you will see the file folder icon, which lists all of your bookmarked pages.  The gear next to that pulls up yet another menu, which allows users to manage their plug-ins, history and saved pages, change their theme by choosing from the various colors and fonts available (or buy premium themes within the app itself), as well as access the Settings, Help and Rate Us pages.  The Settings page goes into great depth, truly exemplifying 360 Web Browser’s promise to be highly customizable.  Also, with so many features to offer – much to many to ever touch upon here – the Help page will teach you every little thing you may need to know with its comprehensive offerings.  And with all these conveniences at your service for only $.99, doesn’t 360 Web Browser deserve a lovely rating? So go on, surf simply.

360 Web Browser [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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