My Sports Picks: A Safe Bet for Sports Betting

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With the NFL season just getting underway, and the MLB season about to wrap up, the sports world is alive with excitement.  For those who enjoy betting – from the occasional gambler, to the hardcore risk taker – My Sports Picks by KDub Sports LLC allows users to track their bets and monitor their winnings and loses simply and efficiently, documenting your history and alerting you of your status.

When you begin, the first thing you must do is login to your account.  If this is your first time using My Sports Picks, which it undoubtedly is, you will need to register using your email address and a password.  By registering, you then gain access to the free 3-day sneak peek of all that My Sports Picks has to offer, including bet tracking for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAF and NCAAB.  As a generous gesture, My Sports Picks allows users to track their MLB betting for free for the remainder of the season.  Unfortunately, that season is drawing to a close mighty quickly, so you best bet while you still can.  (Looking at the main menu also reveals that bet tracking for the NCAAB also appears to be free.  And, for some reason, my NBA trial says it doesn’t expire for another three weeks, which was a pleasant surprise.)

Every other sports league, however, will only allow the exceptionally short, 3-day trial before users must pay $2.99 for EACH sport!  (Yes, that means those who want to track EVERY sport available will have to pay $2.99 APIECE via their in-app purchases.)  That’s nearly ten dollars just to track your betting.  And while they say you must spend money to make money, these prices might be a bit steep.  However, tracking your bets could very well keep you organized to the point of making more money than a sloppy opponent, so the added expense is rather subjective.

The only extra that seems like wasted money is the Alerts feature.  For an additional $2.99, users can have push alerts notify them of the exact moment when they win or lose a bet.  Sure, I know many complain about sports junkies being serious couch potatoes when it comes to watching sports, but this seems like laziness to the extreme.  Since My Sports Picks specifically highlights bets won in green and bets lost in red, how hard is it to just look?  Spending $2.99 to have the application tell you the status of your bet seems rather redundant.

But, despite any shortcomings you may find with the pricing, My Sports Picks lays everything out there for its users, making it one of the most clean, functional betting applications available.  The bottom navigation bar allows users to access the Scoreboard, which shows the dates and times for future games, as well as the odds for each team playing.  The My Picks tab displays your totals and your picks, while the New Pick button allows you to add another.  The Reports tab displays you earnings overall and for the season, as well as your historic picks.  The More tab allows you to change your email and password, manage your alerts (if you buy that function) and logout of your account.  Plus, in a newly live update, My Sports Picks has added parlays and teasers.  So prep your wallet, because betting season is about to begin!

My Sports Picks [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Coopers Pick says:

    I really like your new app a little suggestion would be to add a notepad to take notes on games, wagers being placed, a line tracker(movement at different books) I can give you a ton of other suggestions too if ya want just email me through the site.

  2. Is there a free WordPress plugin to track bets?

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