Gyro Stick Doesn’t Quite Hit The Right Note

Price: $0.99    Score: 4/10    By M. Schustermangyro

I understand why people like to play with drums. I’m one of them, which is why I ended up getting a music degree as a percussionist. And while no electronic drum will ever replace the real deal for me, I understand their entertainment value.

However, in order to be entertaining, it’s actually got to work. And in this case, that’s…well, not the case.  Gyro Stick, an app designed by Ignasi Artigas Cucurella, uses the gyroscope, so you can basically hold your iPhone like a stick and strike the air. In the video demos, the user successfully “drums” holding the iphone screen up, screen down and screen to the side. For me, screen to the side did not work at all, and the other two were about 20% accurate.

You can choose from “Drums,” “Bongo,” and “Gong.” The “Drums” set up is weird; two toms at the top with a cymbal on either side, then a snare at the bottom. The two sticks waved around randomly as I swung my phone, and every now and then I got a random cymbal crash. The bongos are worse – the stick just swings back in front of them, the sound that comes out doesn’t correspond with where the stick lands, and the sound cuts off way too fast (it doesn’t sound like bongos).

The gong was the most consistent; the mallet moved where and when I moved my phone, and the sound was timed appropriately. Overall, there’s just not much you can do with this one until the response is improved. I’d hold off and see if things improve in later versions.


Gyro Stick [iTunes Link] is compatible with iPhone 4 and iPod touch (4th generation). Requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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One Response to “Gyro Stick Doesn’t Quite Hit The Right Note”

  1. It says it’s controlled by accelerometer and it’s not true.
    In the app description says it’s controlled by gyroscope, so that’s why it needs iphone 4 or last gen ipod touch.

    Gyroscope controlled apps like this, make possible to track user orientation with perfect precision, but have a major drawback. Once you calibrate the controls when you are facing east (for example), if you turn yourself right, it needs to be recalibrated. So this kind of apps apps need the user to stay in the orientation they calibrated/started the app. it’s a small price for having a perfect orientation sensor like gyroscope is.

    Misunderstanding accelerometer with gyroscope, can lead to try to use the app in a way it’s not predended to, so you end thinking it doesn’t work.

    This app obviously works, otherwise it wouldn’t have passed the so-strict app store review process.

    Thanks to this review, it’s seen this app needs to have better instruccions to avoid confusion in how it works.

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