Explore the Magical, Virtual World of TibiaME MMO

Price: Free     Score: 7/10     By A. PapachristosTibiaME

The beauty of having 3G and/or Wi-Fi access with you wherever you go is the fact that you can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world.  With the Internet constantly at your fingertips, you have the entire world in the palm of your hand 24 hours a day.  And now, with TibiaME MMO by CipSoft GmbH, users may utilize this convenience to connect with gamers around the globe.  With TibiaME MMO, users become a hero, traveling through a virtual world full of challenges to test their worth and allies to help them succeed on their mission to save the kingdom in trouble.

Upon startup, users may find there’s a problem getting TibiaME MMO to load.  If so, try restarting your device or downloading the application again, for the developers are still hard at work trying to rectify the issue.  (Knowing they willingly admit the problem exists, their diligent effort to fix things makes the issue a bit more bearable.) After the game loads, the introductory screen appears.  Simply tap and you will arrive at the Main Menu, which displays the New Game, Continue, Settings and About buttons.  New Game and Continue are self-explanatory, while Settings allows users to adjust a plethora of options.  Edit settings such as Automatic Logout, Energy Saving, Walklock and Error Reports.

When you begin a new game, you will first need to create a hero.  Choose from a Male or Female Warrior, or a Male or Female Wizard.  You will then name your character, create a password and be assigned a world, indicated by a number no more than 30.  You will then enter the world of Aurea, a small island being threatened by dark forces.  King Ayion has called upon you and the other heroes of Tibia to ward off this terror.  Unfortunately, a storm leaves you shipwrecked on your way to the island, leaving you on unknown shores where you will begin your adventure.  However, you must first read through and agree to the rules, for TibiaME MMO is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).  You must therefore respect the other individuals playing alongside you in this virtual world.

As you explore islands and dungeons, experience over 200 challenging, funny quests and battle the over 150 monsters and creatures to gain strength and power as you continue your journey.  With graphics similar to the original Pokémon video games for Nintendo’s GameBoy, TibiaME MMO has that classic feel to it, welcoming its users with a vibrant display and traditional controls.

TibiaME MMO [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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