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Breast cancer affects thousands of women each year, spanning all age groups.  And while many continue to get regular mammograms, early detection in the form of frequent and thorough self-examinations could be the key to saving one’s life.  With Dr. K’s Breast Checker by Lingopal Holdings Pty Ltd, users will learn how to correctly conduct a proper breast check and how to proceed if they find anything suspicious.

According to Dr. K’s Breast Checker, nearly 1 in 4 women with cancer specifically have breast cancer, and with nearly 200,000 new cases reported last year in the United States alone, one can see that a great many of these cases occur in highly developed countries across all age groups, young and old.  Breast Checker promises to not only provide important tips, but will also alert and remind users to check themselves regularly.

Upon first startup, users will need to initially agree to the terms presented.  Once you reach the main menu, you will see four buttons displayed across the bottom of the screen.  The first button, History, is where you will find all the information about you past self-examinations.  The results will be here for reference so you can compare your current findings to past exams in order to determine if there was indeed any change in your breasts.

Under Settings, users will be able to set reminders for both annual mammogram visits and self check-ups.  Users can set how often they’d like to be reminded to check their breasts, from every 20 to 99 days between self-exams.  Then, set the date you’d like to initially be reminded and a time that would be most convenient.  Most women choose to examine their breasts at the end of their menstrual cycle (if they still menstruate), which may be a great way to both choose a starting date and to remember even without an alert.  Users may also set an alert to remind them to schedule a yearly mammogram as well.

Using Check Now, users will then do just that.  To begin, choose whichever breast you wish to examine first.  Each diagram is then broken into different regions.  If you feel a lump or abnormality in any of the regions, simply tap within its outline to add a lump marker.  Tap Done in the bottom right corner to move to the next breast, where you will do the same thing.  Next, you will be taken through a questionnaire that asks you various Yes or No questions, such as if there has been any change in your breast size or if you are experiencing any nipple discharge.

The ‘i’ button will explain any How To’s you may need clarified, as well as an explanation on what it is to be Breast Aware and the importance behind such awareness.  The top right hand corner also features a button – the Share button.  Considering the statistics, take the time to share Dr. K’s message with your girlfriends on Facebook, Twitter or via email.  Take one moment to make another woman breast aware and you could save a life.

Dr. K’s Breast Checker [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.

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