Dive Deep, Uncover Hidden Worlds with Atlantis Oceans

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When one thinks role-playing game in a modern context, their mind immediately zeroes in on first-person shooter games.  With a vast majority of games featuring war-related themes, the concept of adventure and exploration has fallen by the wayside.  However, Atlantis Oceans by Sunrise Software attempts to revitalize such games as you plunge deep into the oceans of the world to unlock the mysteries of the lost Kingdom of Atlantis.

Users will start by being asked to enable their OpenFeint account or create a new account if they do not already have one.  This will allow you to access the worldwide leaderboards.  Users will then immediately move on to the introduction, which reveals that you must travel to all corners of the earth to retrieve the keys that will unlock the Kingdom of Atlantis.  Once complete, tap the ‘See Help’ button to reveal a general tutorial explaining the various controls you will need to know.  You must also proceed through the tutorial in order to finally reach the main menu, which displays many buttons: Campaign, Challenges, Warehouse, OpenFeint and Options.  Also, the blinking question mark in the upper right corner allows users to revisit the tutorial at any time.

Under Options, users can adjust their music, joystick, blood and vibrate preferences, choose whether to play left-handed or right-handed, and even enter cheat names.  In the upper right corner of the screen, users will see a flashing link that allows them to contact the developer if need be, while the link in the bottom left corner allows users to watch the introduction again in case they missed something the first play through.  The OpenFeint button, of course, brings users to the leaderboards, where they can monitor their achievements and compare their high scores against players all around the world.  The Warehouse button displays all the things you have collected during your adventures within the game.

Challenges and Campaign are directly linked, for you must play the Campaign mode in order to unlock the various challenges available at the diving sites.  As explorer Francesca Carlyle, you will begin your search in Egypt, where you will grow accustomed to the environment and gain experience by collecting fish and selling them to earn gold at the market.  Though you have been given a complete set of equipment, the more gold and experience you gain, the more equipment becomes available to you.  Use your gold to upgrade your gear so you can swim deeper, collect more fish and swim faster than before.  One simply needs to pay attention to their health, oxygen and depth levels in the shark-infested waters to remain afloat.

While the graphics aren’t exactly the most advanced, users will this to actually be an endearing quality, for Atlantis Oceans does not depend on snazzy graphics, but challenges and accomplishments.  (Plus, watching Francesca’s zombie arms flail as she walks up and down the stairs provides a good giggle.)  Instead, users will become addicted to the mission, doing their best to obtain everything they need to carry out a successful mission.

For a video demonstration of what Atlantis Oceans has to offer, click here.

Atlantis Oceans [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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