‘Ninja Ultimate’ Top Notch in Classic Simplicity

Price: $.99     Score: 9/10     By A. PapachristosNinja

As the world of gaming progresses, creators try to one-up each other, adding new twists and turns to help their games stand out.  However, the more one tweaks the typical role-playing game, the more difficult one’s gaming experience becomes.  While one looks to be challenged by their gaming endeavors, being bombarded by rules and details makes the task daunting rather than fun.

However, Ninja Ultimate by Morning Egg Inc presents users with a classic format that incorporates exciting challenges with an interface reminiscent of older RPG video games.  With Ninja Ultimate, users aim to defeat a specific number of enemies in a given amount of time, moving on to an endless amount of more challenging levels.

When you begin, you will first be asked whether you’d like the sound on or off, and if you would like to enable OpenFeint.  Those with an OpenFeint account need only log in, while those who wish to create one will need to register.  With OpenFeint, users may then share scores via Facebook and Twitter, as well as compare their score against other players worldwide.  Once these preliminary steps are complete, you will find the Main Menu, which features every necessary button: New Game, Load Game, Profile, Options, Help and Score.  Of course, the busty blonde may distract users as she takes up the majority of the screen (though she does not resemble any ninja I’ve ever seen.)

Under Profile, users can create multiple profiles, so they can track their game progression while letting others test their ninja skills as well.  The Options button simply allows users to adjust their sound choices.  The Help button takes users through a tutorial, teaching them what each button does and how they can train their ninja, and Score, of course, brings users to the OpenFeint leaderboards.

To play, users will use the bottom toolbar to navigate their character’s way through each stage.  Like the side scrolling of classic RPG games, users simply move left and right, using the up arrow in the right hand corner of the screen to jump.  The red button to the jump button’s left allows your character to swing her sword, attacking the enemies as they approach.  You will see their life diminish by observing the green line hovering over their heads.  Once they die, each will drop something useful, including bottles that replenish your health.  As one progresses, gaining experience and unlocking more powerful short and long range weapons, users will also be able to trade their experience points for ninja training sessions so they can increase their health and mana, which is exactly what they will need to cast the ninja spells they acquire along the way.

Ninja Ultimate truly possesses that classic feel that grabs one’s attention.  While the challenges continue to increase, the controls and premise remain simple, luring in those who long for an iPhone game that entertains but doesn’t overwhelm.

Ninja Ultimate [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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