Tap ‘n Cap Says the Words Your Pictures Can’t Convey

Price: $.99    Score: 8/10    By A. PapachristosTap

Anyone who owns one of Apple’s portable gadgets will tell you that its utmost convenience is the capability to connect with friends, family and the World Wide Web in the blink of an eye.  Sharing timely photos and the details of current happenings as they occur is one of the greatest aspects of today’s developing technology.

Tap ‘n Cap by Jeremy Brousseau utilizes such modern conveniences to bring users an intuitive and simple application that allows them to enhance their image sharing experience.  With Tap ‘n Cap, users may insert up to six lines of custom text, creating captions for photos attained via their device’s photo library or camera.

Upon startup, users will find the Help screen, which teaches them exactly which actions accomplish certain tasks.  A single tap of the empty screen will reveal the main task bar located at the bottom of the screen.  The buttons provided are as follows: Settings, Help, Get Pic, Clear, Caption, and Finished.

Under Settings, users can adjust the many features Tap ‘n Cap offers, such as Camera Options (save copy of original, iPhone 3G mode), Photo Options (auto-save on send, auto-crop photos) and Text Options (auto-correct, auto-capitalize, two-finger rotate, default font).  In fact, Tap ‘n Cap offers 20 font choices, the default being my favorite as it is reminiscent of the classic LOLCats typeface.  These fonts come in black and white, though the developers hope to soon add colors, shadow, opacity and strikethrough to the list of choice in an upcoming update.

To begin the process, users will first need a picture to caption.  Tapping the Get Pic button will prompt the question of whether you’d like to choose a photo from you library or take one with your camera (if your device has one).  Once you have selected your picture, the once empty space will now display your photo.  Conveniently, Tap ‘n Cap supports landscape mode for any type of photo.  If you do not like what you see, the Clear button will wipe everything away.  However, if you are happy with your image, hop right over to the Caption button to insert your witty words.  A box will appear on the screen in which you may begin typing your caption.  When you have finished writing, you may then use a single tap to drag your caption to any position on the image.  You may scale the caption by using a two-finer pinch.  Double tapping the caption will release its own tool bar, which allows you to rotate the words or change the font.

Once complete, tap the Finished button to either save your image to your device or email it to a friend.  In the future, the developers also hope to include the ability to upload your images to Facebook and other such social networking sites.

Unfortunately, only those with an iPhone (or the latest iPod Touch) will benefit from the spontaneity Tap ‘n Cap offers.  For all other users, the photo you caption must already exist in your photo library (unless you have the external camera attachment for the iPad, but that’s a hassle and probably won’t be attached during those ideal, caption-worthy photo moments), though the $.99 price tag won’t break the bank for those who want to experiment with what they have.  And, for those who can utilize Tap ‘n Cap to its fullest extent, the potential for laughter is endless, allowing you to create your own silly images with the tap of a finger, not computer necessary.

Tap ‘n Cap [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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