Take On Enemies, Save the World with Assault Commando

Price: $1.99     Score: 8/10     By A. PapachristosAssault

When an application’s App Store description begins by warning users what to do if their device crashes, one doesn’t hold much hope for the game itself.  One drastically lowers their expectations when the well being of their expensive and vital device is threatened by a game that one could have easily passed over.  And while it is certainly refreshing to know such a thing could happen in advance, putting such information out there like a billboard for all to see severely distracts from the fine print and the product at hand.

For Assault Commando by 3D Magic Kft, putting said information before all other description could be the worst advertising I have ever seen a wonderful game employ.  Assault Commando offers users a fantastic 3D shooter game that takes place in the South American jungle, providing smooth controls and an intuitive platform that makes this game a joy to play.

When you begin, Assault Commando will first ask if you’d like to enable OpenFeint, which will allow you to track your scores and achievements against the global leaderboard as well as connect to Facebook and Twitter.  Once you have input your preferences, you will find the main menu.  The bottom left corner allows easy access to OpenFeint statistics, while the bottom right corner provides a list of other games offered by the same developer.  Users will also find a button to adjust their Options (aka, the volume), view their Stats, and peruse the Credits.

What users won’t find is a Tutorial button.  To learn, users must dive right in by tapping New Game to begin.  Here, users will be introduced to the world of Jack Gunfire, a war hero who is determined to bring down Albrecht Braun, an evil scientist.  Users will then be guided through the first level with on-screen instructions that highlight the necessary skills to succeed throughout the remainder of the game.

The on-screen joystick in the bottom left corner of the screen is not overly sensitive to your touch, making it much easier to use than the joysticks of similar games.  Users navigate the jungle with their left thumb, while their right thumb intuitively taps the RPGs, machine guns and grenades you must collect along the way.  Though you may skip the tutorial, proceeding through the entire level this way will give you a good idea of what the challenges ahead will be like, teaching you how to regain HP, destroy buildings, hit moving targets and collect more ammunition.  Assault Commando has the same feel as some of the most popular 3D shooter games around, bringing the same enjoyable gaming experience to the palm of your hand.  (And no, the game never crashed while playing – not even once!)

For a peek into the world of Assault Commando, click to view the Official Trailer and 2nd Trailer on YouTube.

Assault Commando [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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One Response to “Take On Enemies, Save the World with Assault Commando”

  1. Hunnenkoenig says:


    Thank you for the nice review! We are glad, you enjoyed the game.

    Thank you for reminding us to that ugly remark on the description page. It was put there, because we got too much 1 star reviews for the version 1.0 from people, who can’t handle their phones.

    I removed that remark now.

    3D Magic

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