Road Hog Minimizes Road Rage with Addictive Nature

Price: $.99    Score: 9/10    By A. PapachristosRoad

Driving on an actual road, whether for work or for play, can prove to be quite an annoyance.  People now have to beware of the dozens of oblivious drivers who dart out in front of them sans blinker, as opposed to the occasional squirrel or groundhog.  However, with Road Hog by one1eleven, users can reclaim the road as they dodge walls and road signs, racking up points and proving they are the true king of the road (according to the worldwide leaderboard, at least).

When you begin, you will find a screen that explains all the necessary controls and markings on the screen.  Users will find the Pause button in the upper left corner, while their score and lives are visible in the upper right corner.  To control the car itself, simply tap and drag the vehicle to move.  Use your second hand to tap the car whenever you need to jump.  If you wish to access this information again at any time, visit the Tutorial listed on the main page.

Once you reach the main screen, users will find a simple yet useful main menu, including a Facebook connect button at the top of the screen that does just that, which allows you to share your latest scores with all of your friends.  Before you begin, head down to Settings, where you can choose you car’s color (red, yellow, green, blue, or pink), as well as adjust the volume of the music and sounds throughout the game.  As you play, users can monitor their score in comparison to Road Hog’s world leaderboard.  Unfortunately, no matter how many times I played, my scores never appeared on the ‘Me’ scoreboard, though Road Hog does also promise to track your personal scores as well.

The basic idea is to drive, avoiding the myriad obstacles in your way, while also collecting as many stars as you can to increase your score.  Tap with your other hand to jump, or, when you acquire a bonus button, tap using your other hand to trigger the action when necessary.  Faced with oil slicks, open manholes, shifting road signs and brick walls that will cause your car to explode, users face the most dangerous roadway of their lives.  However, the extremely smooth tap and drag controls make navigating Road Hog so enjoyable that I have come to completely agree with the fact that this game may become truly addictive. And considering Road Hog induces much less rage than the actual road, it’s a shame one can’t just tap and drag themselves to work each morning.

Road Hog [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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