Lessons Come Full Circle with Shape Skills Level 1

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After having learned the difference between various shapes and the names that apply to each so long ago, teaching today’s children can become one of those tasks you’re just not sure how to tackle effectively.  Plus, with technology changing and advancing nearly every second, the ways in which children learn have changed drastically since we were children ourselves.

But with Shape Skills Level 1 by Joshua Gray, parents and teachers can bond with their students as they use today’s popular gadgets to teach the building blocks of success.  As the first in a series of skill applications geared toward children, Shape Skills Level 1 teaches children the basics needed to identify basic shapes and understand how they factor into everyday life.

Upon startup, users need only tap the main screen to reveal the different learning categories Shape Skills Level 1 offers.  The sections listed are as follows: Tracing, What’s That?, The Right One, Odd One Out, The Same, and Free Draw.

Tracing asks children to draw the shapes they see by tracing the provided dotted lines with their finger.  This will develop and hone their fine motor skills.  What’s That? shows children an image and then provides them with four possible shape choices to choose from, like a multiple choice test.  If they tap the correct name, they will proceed to the next question.  However, if they choose wrongly, Shape Skills Level 1 will display “Oh no… Try again” in larger letters across the screen, leaving users no choice but to return to the home screen and start over completely instead of actually giving that specific question another try.

The Right One presents users with a collection of random shapes scattered across the bottom of the screen.  To advance, users must simply choose to correct shape.  But, once again, if they fail to choose correctly, the “Oh no… Try again” message will appear and force you to start back at the main menu.

Odd One Out, my personal favorite, presents a group of closely related images, not actual shapes.  However, one of these images does not exude the same shape as all the rest, therefore being the “odd one out.”  Here, users must pick the image that does not belong to continue.  The Same asks users to look at an image then, from the three accompanying images below, choose the one that looks most like the example.  And, as it implies, Free Draw allows children to just doodle with their finger as a way of applying what they’ve learned and creating their own works of art.  And with such simple and easy to understand tasks and lessons at hand, Shape Skills Level 1 shall leave users in anticipation of what Level 2 may offer.

Shape Skills Level 1 [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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