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Price: $2.99    Score: 9/10    By M. SchustermanProCamera

I like to keep my reviews free of hyperbole – unless, of course, I’m trying to make a joke, which usually doesn’t go well – so I would never say that an app turns your iPhone’s camera into something as powerful as a digital SLR. I know what those cameras can do, and to have that on a phone is simply not (yet) possible.

I’ve checked out a lot of camera apps, and in the end, for one reason or another, I just resort to using the camera as is on my phone. But Pro Camera, designed by, has moved on over to the first page of apps on my screen.

What I love about this app is that it caters both to those who have a decent understanding of photography, and those who just want to enhance the iPhone’s camera. The app opens straight to the camera itself, but you can tap “Pro” in the bottom left and find a user guide in Settings to get some help. You can zoom in and out either by tapping the zoom icon in the bottom right, or by pinching. Tap the timer icon to set a timed shot (you can change the number of seconds in Settings as well). And the center icon is the anti-shake feature – find your shot, tap it, and the iPhone will take your picture the second you’re holding the iPhone perfectly still. (This is the best option when you’re zoomed in on something.)

For simplicity’s sake, you can tap anywhere on the screen to take a picture. By tapping the “Pro” icon, you can switch to the video, go to your photo album, and add or subtract the compass and other grids to help you find your focus and level the shot. Inside the albums, you can view your photos and get width and height info, email the full-size photo, or activate the photo studio, which allows you to adjust the photo settings and add effects.

It sounds like a lot – and there’s much more – but the fact is this app is very easy to use. If you’re interested in getting better shots with your iPhone camera, this one is three bucks well spent.

ProCamera [iTunes Link] is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Patricia Mish says:

    You may also want to check out the Camera Genius app. It now has some cool editing features (like borders, filters, etc.) and easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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