Get Washboard Abs With The Abtastic Workout Video Compilation

Price: $2.99    Score: 8/10    By S. CampbellAbtastic-HD

Bottom line – abs are hot. Everyone wants them, few people have them. It takes a lot of work in the gym and a lot of discipline in the kitchen to achieve a set of washboard abdominals, so if you’re on a quest to get that six-pack then you’re going to need all the help you can get.

2Dogs have released a new iPad app, Abtastic-HD, which is an excellent resource for any exercise enthusiast and will no doubt be of great help in obtaining (or maintaining) your very own ripped midsection.

Abtastic-HD is an exercise and video compilation app specifically targeting the abdominal muscles. The app features 15 videos in total, with exercises that target every angle of the abdominals. Videos include crunches, leg and knee raises, oblique work and twists. Each exercise comes with a detailed description and a 1-minute video of the exercise being performed with ideal form.

Below is a full list of the ab exercises included in Abtastic for iPad:

  • Reverse Crunch
  • Basic Crunch
  • Oblique Twisting Crunch
  • Air Bike
  • Vertical Leg Crunch
  • Side Bend
  • V-Up
  • Crunch With Hip Thrust
  • Oblique Crunch
  • Hanging Knee Raise
  • Hanging Leg Raise
  • Decline Bench Crunch
  • Decline Bench Twist Crunch
  • Ball Twist
  • Exercise Ball Crunch

Abtastic-HD is a great resource for anyone interested in improving their core strength. From beginners to pros, there are exercises suited to everyone – a good value buy at $2.99. Abtastic is also available for iPhone [iTunes Link].

Abtastic-HD is compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.

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