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For expectant mothers, being prepared for the day they give birth instills a peace of mind that makes the actual day less stressful and more memorable.  But when the day arrives, there is no guarantee you’ll be in the right place or with the right person the moment your water breaks.  However, with BabyDay by Optimized Telecom Inc, mothers have access to an alternative way to contact the people closest to them, allowing them to send a collective message to those who may be concerned.

When you begin, BabyDay will first ask to sync with your current location, then have you enter your personal data, including name and telephone number.  On the next page, users will be asked to enter contact information for their partner, including their name, email address and telephone number.  You may pick from your contacts list to make input even easier.  At the bottom of the screen, you will find a pre-programmed message that will be sent to your partner when the baby is about to be born.  You may edit this message to suit the specifics of your circumstance.

The next page allows users to add as many friends and family members as they want to notify about the big day as well.  Once all the contact information has been set, users will be taken to the main screen, which displays buttons that will quickly email or call those you’ll need most.  This message will send each contact your pre-programmed message, as well as how you are doing, where you’re going, where you are and a map thanks to BabyDay’s automatic GPS location.  Users may edit their partner’s details and any of their family’s details by using the Settings button under the ‘Call My Partner’ button.  The Settings button also leads to the very detailed Help button, which explains how to use BabyDay step-by-step.

However, besides using the last tab in the bottom navigation bar, which allows you to send announcements once the baby is actually born, users will find themselves locked out of every other feature BabyDay has to offer.  To access all the other functions, users must download the Pro version for $1.99.

With BabyDay Pro, users can then access the ability to run the due date clock, collect photos of their pregnancy in the provided gallery, keep a dated journal of all their pregnancy thoughts and experiences, and call emergency medical services right within the application itself.  However, the free version provides none of these attractive functions, reminding you they are not available every time you tap one of the buttons, asking you if you’d like to buy the complete version with each tap.

Unfortunately, the free version only provides you with the slightly less practical aspect of the entire BabyDay concept in general.  While it may seem ideal to alert your partner and entire family with the press of a single button, there remains the fact that you probably won’t be thinking about emailing every single person you know.  A mother’s main concern would be to contact her partner and get to the hospital as quickly as possible, neglecting their iPhone except to call their partner directly.  To get the most out of BabyDay, mothers-to-be are probably going to find the full version much more worthwhile, which seems to have been the plan all along considering they do nothing but dangle the additional functions in front of your face every step of the way.

BabyDay [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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