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The world is always in a crazy state of flux.  But, no matter which countries hate each other, or who is at war with whom, the animal world is one constant that links every continent of the world.  Everyone, in some capacity or another, has interacted with animals, perhaps by visiting a zoo, caring for pets or working on a farm.  The animal kingdom is simply one of those topics that we all come to know about, whether through books or real-life experiences.

With Animals’ World by vivica, users of all ages can enjoy this interactive, digital picture book that provides high definition quality images and sounds of dozens of animal species right in the palm of your hand.

Like an exceptionally expansive zoo right within your portable device, Animals’ World allows users to swipe through a wide selection of the world’s most well-known, popular animal species.  From the domesticated (Cats, Dogs, Rabbits), to the exotic (Macaws, Koalas, Flamingos), to the downright wild (Lions, Tigers, Brown Bears), users will find nearly every type of animal they could possibly name off the top of their heads.

Upon startup, Animals’ World will take a moment to load all the animal graphics the appear within the swipe through menu that represents the main portion of the application.  As you swipe, you will see the beautifully vivid HD photographs of each animal featured.  To focus on an individual animal, simply tap its photo in the line up to view the photo closer up.  Use the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner of the landscape-aligned screen and the photo will automatically zoom, allowing you to see the animal in great detail.  Tap the animal to hear the sounds they make in HD.

In the bottom left corner of the screen, users will find the measurement icon, which looks like a ruler.  By tapping this, users can see how big the animal is as compared to the average-sized man of 175cm.  For children or anyone unfamiliar with the given animal, this provides a wonderful indication of just how large or small the given species is in real-life.  The globe icon in the bottom right corner provides users with a 3D map that helps them locate where the animals live.

While both easy-to-use for adults and children and visually wonderful, Animals’ World lacks a certain educational quality because it solely plays off its visual splendor.  Such simplicity is great for young children, but as the demographic gets increasingly older, Animals’ World begins to use its usefulness as a learning tool and simply becomes something fun to look at.  Perhaps if each animal’s photo was accompanied by some facts about the animal, older children (and even adults in the case of the lesser known animals) may find it to be a great learning tool beyond simply learning what the animal looks and sounds like, its size and where it lives.

For a YouTube video demonstration of how Animals’ World works, click here.

Animals’ World requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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