Simsimi Choochoo Turns Up The Cute Factor On A Classic Snake Game

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With so many game concepts already in existence, coming up with something new and original isn’t always the easiest task.  Instead, many developers opt for revival.  They take on an old game concept, sprucing it up to make it appealing to today’s crowd, giving something old a new lease on life.

Simsimi Choochoo by Ismaker sheds a new light on the classic snake game, where users drag a string of balls around the screen using their finger, trying to collect more balls and lengthen their string as they go.  In this case, the balls you must collect to form your “choochoo” are referred to as Simsimis, little ball-shaped characters with expressive faces.  Simply swipe your finger around the screen in whichever direction you choose and work on lengthening your choochoo.

To begin, you will be greeted with a simple menu that allows you to start a new game, view your ranking according to the global scoreboard, or refresh your knowledge on how to play with the Help section.

Under the Help page, users will learn exactly how to move their choochoo and accumulate as many points as possible.  The idea is to swipe your finger around the screen, leading your choochoo in the direction of the Simsimis scattered about.  Your finger’s gesture will determine just where your choochoo goes.  This may prove to be a tad difficult for the small screen is not conducive to precision.  Even those with the tiniest fingers may find it difficult to get the hang of directing their choochoo precisely where they want it to go at first.  However, with practice, your precision will improve, though you may still struggle at times.

Each time your choochoo collides with another Simsimi, they make a hiccup-like sound when they hit, then attach themselves to the end of the train.  To succeed, you must keep colliding with Simsimi characters, making your choochoo longer and increasing your score.  However, once you begin to accumulate a rather long choochoo, you must proceed with caution.  As your choochoo grows, so does your chance of colliding with yourself.  If you collide with any part of your choochoo, or hit a wall (marked by the edge of the screen on all sides), the game will end and you will have to start from scratch, building your choochoo once again.

The Help section also tells you what certain special Simsimis signify.  Those with a counter in the corner will turn into a block once the count reaches zero, but if you tag it before the countdown is complete, it will break a block instead.  Tag a Simsimi with an ‘S’ on it and it will slow you choochoo.  Tag a Simsimi with ‘x2’ on it and you will earn double points for a short amount of time.

Once you have completed a game, you may share your score by connecting to Facebook, Twitter or OpenFeint.  OpenFeint tracks the scores of players worldwide, allowing you to create an account or sign in with an existing username and password to see how others or doing and see how your scores measure up next to the global rankings.  In fact, Simsimi Choochoo does a wonderful job of keeping with the feel of the original style of the snake game that you just may become addicted to perfecting your technique in order to top that ranking list yourself.

For a YouTube video demonstration of how to play Simsimi Choochoo, click here.


Simsimi Choochoo requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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