OpenFeint Announces New Viral Game Sharing System

Following on from Aurora Feint’s announcement last month that the popular social-gaming platform OpenFeint was coming to Android, they have just revealed a new viral game distribution system which will first go live on iOS devices, with other platforms to follow.

The new system will be available on OpenFeint 2.6 and will allow all of OpenFeint’s 35 million players to send SMS or e-mail messages to contacts on their phones, inviting them to try out their favorite games. The expansion to Android combined with the new social sharing feature is expected to accelerate the viral nature of hit games.

“With Game Center just around the corner and thousands more games coming on the market every year, effective and unique promotion is more important than ever,” says Jason Citron, CEO of Aurora Feint. “By creating this out-of-network invite system, we’ll help players give more organic game endorsements shedding light on the best games out there and resulting in more game downloads.”

“One glaring problem with today’s mobile gaming community is how fractured it is across platforms, OpenFeint is bridging the gap between gamers,” says Peter Relan, Executive Chairman of Aurora Feint. “As we expand cross platform this summer, we’re going to roll out services that will help friends that use different device platforms play against each other.”

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