MyFont Reinvents the Art Form of Typing

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We now live in a world of instantaneous gratification.  With phones and other portable devices that allow us to talk, text, email and instant message right from the palm of our hands, the art of letter writing has become a thing of the past.  This, combined with the growing need and desire to conserve paper and preserve the planet has all but made the handwritten word obsolete.

However, with MyFont by amitrl, iPhone and iPod Touch users can inject their bland, modern-day emails with the old school flavor of a genuine letter straight from their mobile device.  With MyFont, users need only create their own font, crafting everything with none other than their handwriting.  Then, once you have completed the design process, just use the standard keyboard to type out your now personalized email messages.

To begin, simply startup MyFont to access the main screen.  At the top, you will see the default font selection as an example that allows you to explore what MyFont can do without needing to create your own font first.

To begin designing your own font, just tap ‘Create new font’ to begin.  Users can then use their finger to design each letter (upper and lower case) and number so you will have a complete set of characters.  (To design mine, I pulled out my trusty stylus in order to get a more accurate and neat representation of my personal handwriting.)  Use the template to write each letter in its appropriate place.  Even once you finish, you will be able to go back at any time to edit any of the characters in case they don’t turn out as you’d hoped.  Once complete, save your font by name using the check mark icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.  You can create as many different styles as you wish.

When you are ready to create a new message, choose your desired font and use the ‘Write New Message’ button to begin.  With the toolbar at the top, users can customize the look of their message as well.  The ‘X’ icon to the left allows you to quit working on the given message.  The paper and pencil icon right next to that allows you to change the size and color of your font.  The ‘A’ icon allows you to place your text box anywhere on the page (diagonal or horizontal), and the lip icon next to that allows you to place sticker-like icons in your message.

However, MyFont’s best feature is the availability of beautiful stationery-like backgrounds as well as the ability to use your camera or photo album to insert actual photos to write on, making a virtual postcard of sorts.  The stationery (of which my favorites are those resembling notebook pages) adds another level to the letter writing ambiance of your message.  Because you’ve already established all the necessary characters for your font, all you have to do is type the message using the standard keyboard and the letters will come out looking as if you had handwritten the entire message yourself.

Then, when you are about to send, tap the check mark and you will be taken to the regular email template to enter a recipient and change the subject title if you wish.  When the user receives the message, it will appear as a JPEG file attachment, opening as an adorable image that shows time and thought went into the message’s creation instead of just typing out your message in a hurry with the regular email template.  This way, users can still send their message fairly quickly and enjoy the same speedy response they get from the convenience of handheld Internet, while still expressing their care and creativity with MyFont.

For a YouTube video of what MyFont has to offer, click here.


MyFont requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Pitssi says:

    Wow, your review sounds great . i dowloaded imediatley and i agree to each word of your review . great app!!!

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