Group Email! with Attachments Gets the Message Out There

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When you need to send one email to a slew of people, whether it is for business or personal reasons, making sure you include all necessary parties can be a brain strain.  Considering you have to input each contact manually, or at least check them off in your address book, it may be quite easy to overlook a name or two, making your time consuming effort a partially failed attempt.

But, with Group Email! with Attachments by Andrea Vettori, users can create predefined groups of contacts, allowing them to send emails to specific lists of people.  Conveniently, Group Email allows you to send attachments to those on your list, such as audio, video and document files, making it stand out above other mass messengers.

Upon startup, users will see that the main screen lays out all the tasks you could possibly wish to perform, making this interface simple and easy-to-use.  While the i in the top right corner tells you a little bit about the application itself, the gear will let you create and edit your various lists of contacts, as well as manage your document attachments if you have any uploaded to the app.  You may choose to turn your contacts’ work, home or other email addresses on or off, so your messages will only be sent to the designated accounts.  You may also begin a new list from this page.

On the main screen, users will then be able to begin filling in the required information for sending an email.  By tapping on the button under the label Recipients, users will see that they can search for contacts to add individually, or by predetermined lists or address book groups.  They may also choose the appropriate mode for each recipient as well (To, Cc, Bcc).  For those who send the same message on a frequent basis, they may wish to create an Email Template, which allows them to write the message once and then quickly send it out again later.  If writing a one-time message, tap Create Message at the bottom of the screen to begin composing an email in the same format as the Mail app that comes on your device.  The only downside is that Group Email comes with a $3.99 price tag.

But, best of all, users can attach important documents to their group emails right from within the application itself, which makes the higher price a bit more understandable.  Users can attach video clips or photos from their Photo Library, as well as in-app audio recordings, camera stills and video (which requires the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4).  Users may also attach Google Map images displaying their current location, content from their pasteboard and contacts information.

Users running iPhone iOS4 can also attach documents, while iPad users need only be running iOS3.2 to do the same thing.  Such documents may be uploaded to Group Email! with Attachments using iTunes via USB connection, or by downloading the attachment directly from their email or other applications supporting the iOS4 document exchange feature.  Such a convenience allows you to perform a task you would otherwise need an actual computer for, making life significantly easier.

Group Email with Attachments [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer in order to speed up the publication of this review.

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2 Responses to “Group Email! with Attachments Gets the Message Out There”

  1. Susanfitzm says:

    May seem like a stupid question, but can you use this to forward an email received to a predefined group? I am looking for an EASY interface for my elderly mom whose almost exclusive use of email/ipad (no computer) is to forward jokes to all her friends.

  2. Susan

    I’m afraid you can’t forward an email using that app, but you can with our new app, MailShot.

    Uniquely it lets you create groups you can use in ANY app’s email, so you can send any attachment, cc people, or (as you are requesting) forward mail to those groups just as though they were a single contact.

    Check it out on
    Currently free



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