Get Caught Up in the Fight with Bloody Hell

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Daily life is bound to get you angry every now and then, making you want to punch someone in the face or kick them to the ground, though we all know that acting out violently will never get us anywhere.  Instead, we scream or yell and beat up our pillows to relieve our aggression safely.  Games can also distract from that feeling of hostility, allowing you to punch, kick and kill anyone who crosses your path.

With Bloody Hell by Softmines, users can do just that.  With random strangers crossing your volatile path, the only thing that stand between you and your victims’ death is the speed of your trigger-happy finger.  When playing Bloody Hell, users are put in the shooting position, trying to take down as many bodies that cross the screen as they can.  Users can shoot their gun, throw bombs, or kill the enemy using their supply of missiles, which can be quite therapeutic on some of the worst days (though being entirely against animal cruelty, I do try and avoid the many dogs that unfortunately get caught in the line of fire).

When you begin the game, you will be taken to the main menu.  Here, you may start a New Game, edit your Options, access the Help guide, or look through your High Scores.  Under Options, users may turn the sound and music on or off, and choose between Full mode and Classic mode.  Users can also choose between four themes, which act as your backdrop when playing.

The Help guide covers every aspect of the game extensively, leaving no body unharmed.  You will learn which gestures signify the use of which weapons, the effect of each weapon, and what must be done to each type of person (or animal) in order to kill it quickly and effectively.  Users will also learn their objective, which plainly stated is, “Kill, kill, kill!”  (Once again, I do not condone violence in any respect, but I would hope anyone reading this review is also mature enough to know that these words are written in the context of a game based around murder.)  You must prevent as many people, animals, and even tanks from crossing the entire screen.  While a few may get away, the game will officially end if too many make it off the screen alive.  And be careful, not all fall with one shot, especially depending on where the bullet hits them.  Some may stumble, crawl or fly to safety if you don’t adequately take them down right away.

Bloody Hell also utilizes OpenFeint, which allows users to see their score ranking compared to players all around the world.  Those who already have an OpenFeint account need only sign in, while those new to OpenFeint will need to create a new account in order to benefit from all services offered.  Along with rankings, users can also view the various achievements, working to unlock those currently listed, as well as share their scores and progress by connecting to Facebook and Twitter.

On the main screen, users will also see a button marked High Scores.  Here, users can monitor their scores on Full or Classic mode.  Labeled as Local, all scores achieved directly on their device will show up, while the Global list provides easy access to those scores listed and ranked on OpenFeint.

For those who wish to test Bloody Hell, Softmines also offers a lite version.  To view the Bloody Hell game trailer, click here.


Bloody Hell requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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