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When in a foreign country, visitors want to not only see as many sites as possible, but also really take in the culture and experience the lifestyle as well.  However, to truly embed yourself in another society can take much research and effort, that is, unless the work has already been done for you.

With Dezzie’s Guide to Pinting in Dublin by Alex Grant, both tourists and citizens will find this comprehensive overview of Ireland’s beer culture, pub scene and general history an advantageous tool as they try to get in on all the fun.  Sure, many think the Irish are all drunks, but Dezzie’s Guide debunks that stereotype, outlining bits of history and the reasons why so many take to beer when in an Irish pub.  Created as a companion for those who want to soak up the experiences the beautiful city of Dublin has to offer, Dezzie’s Guide hopes to optimize the craic, which is Gaelic for fun, by telling you the best places to go for local banter and beer.

Upon first startup, users will be greeted with an introduction to not only what Dezzie’s Guide has to offer, but also tidbits about Dublin and all the research and effort that went into making this application such an extensive, detailed and witty guide for tourists and natives alike.

Within the application itself, you will find three distinct tabs that break Dezzie’s Guide into Pints, Bars and Tips.  Under the Pints tab, users can read about the various types of pints you will find in Dublin: Another Pint, Cheeky Pint, Hair of the Dog Pints, Half-Pint, Matchday Pints, Paddy’s Day Pints, Post-Work Pints, Quick Pint, Quiet Pints, and Random Pints.  Each pint category comes with its own description, including where you might drink one, a little bit about its history and various other silly details that make each explanation as unique as the pint itself.

The Bars tab provides users with a list of popular pubs in which you may choose to enjoy said pints.  A review, the establishment’s address, their phone number and a map that pinpoints their location accompany each name.  The reviews are short but comprehensive, giving you a decent peek into the pub’s atmosphere to determine whether it will mesh well with your taste and personality.  The Tips tab fills you in on basic knowledge about Dublin that may prove rather helpful.  Users will learn about Trinity College, forms of transportation, sports, music, writers and so much more.

Truly utilizing their wit, the developers of Dezzie’s Guide have injected their thorough research and observations with a fun sense of humor that puts users in a good mood way before they ever arrive.  They manage to discourage the stereotype while promoting the culture, pointing out that Ireland isn’t solely devoted to the consumption of alcohol, but also a vast, interesting place where the people simply love to have fun.  And with such a detailed, personal guide in your pocket, get ready to “drink up” as much of Dublin life as you can possibly consume!

Dezzie’s Guide to Pinting in Dublin [iTunes Link] requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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