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Price: $.99     Score: 6/10     By M. SchustermanBalance

**Update: price reduced to $0.99 from $3.99**

I believe I understand the intent behind Balance Your Life App, by Mirko Paschke – it’s supposed to be a statistic-based representation of how you value things in your life so that you can make adjustments and assessments based on logic.

I’m more prone to judging these things based on emotion, but they can be fun to play with. However, the set up of this particular app is a little clunky. It opens to a blank page, where it’s easy to figure out how to add an “Area.” Because I wasn’t sure what an “Area” was quite yet, I chose one from the template selections. The pre-chosen “Areas” include education, friends, family, health, hobbies, job, love, etc.

After choosing the “Area,” you can enter the “Start points.” Here I became confused again, because there’s no scale. I could enter, 10, 25,430, or even 198,473 – actually, you can seemingly enter an infinite amount of numbers. So for my first “Area,” which was family, I wasn’t sure what to enter. I chose 10.

You can also either use the little image that comes with the “Area,” or choose your own from the photo album, which is a nice touch. Tap “Save” and that “Area” appears on a list with the number of points you chose, along with the percentage. So my family section with 10 points was 100%. I added friends and health and gave them 20 and 15 points correspondingly, so my three “Areas” were weighted at 44.44% (20 pts), 33.33% (15 pts), and 22.22% (10 pts).

That all makes sense, but again, what does it mean? The only other option you have is to tap the “Time for Experience” icon in the bottom left, which just generates a message saying that in fourteen hours, you will be able to assign points to your “Areas” for today’s experiences.

And sure enough, every day all of your points are open for reassessment, and of course you can add new “Areas” anytime. Like I said before, this would be more of a game for me rather than something I would take seriously, but even if it’s just for fun, I’m still unsure about the set-up. It’s something like a calculator dressed up with images and labeled with your priorities in life. At a cost of $3.99, I’m not sure I can recommend this one.


Balance Your Life App (iTunes Link) requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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