Agendus Conveniently Compiles All Organizational Necessities

Price: $7.99    Score: 9/10    By A. PapachristosAgendus

Keeping track of tasks, appointments and events is a chore itself.  Birthdays, holidays, errands, projects, due dates, meetings – the list goes on and on.  And while many iPhone and iPod Touch applications attempt to satisfy one or all of your organizational needs, finding something that fits your lifestyle can be hit or miss.

With Agendus by iambic, Inc., you just may have a hit on your hands.  Not only does Agendus provide users with an application that helps sync their calendars, tasks and contacts, but it also adds a few unique touches that make this award-winning personal information manager (PIM) fun and informative as well as useful.

When you first start up Agendus, you will be asked a few questions, such as whether you’d like to receive Push notifications, if you’d like Agendus to use your current location, and if you would like to sync with Google Calendar.  If you have a Google account and maintain your calendar, simply enter your account’s login information and Agendus will immediately sync your existing calendar with the application itself via the Internet and over-the-air synchronization.

By allowing Agendus to detect your current location, users will gain access to the 7-day weather forecast right on their ‘Today’ page, which is both the first tab and your starting page.  Your ‘Today’ page will also display the day’s date, that day’s events and tasks, as well as your “Quote of the Day” and “This Day in History” entry, making Agendus stand out above any other organizer application I have come upon to date.  These unique characteristics make Agendus seem user friendly from the start, while many other such organizers appear daunting and confusing.

The next tab over marks your ‘Calendar’ page, which allows you five different views.  When users view their Calendar in Day view, they see every task, event or appointment they may have that day listed according to the time it is set to occur.  List view allows users to see all the events they have planned for the given month.  Week view looks much like that of an old homework assignment notepad, allowing you to see what you have planned for every day of that particular week.  Month view will show dots under each day that has something scheduled.  When you tap on the day, you will see each event listed underneath the calendar listed in chronological order.  Year view is similar, except you are able to see every month on one page.

(Note: Each tab displays a ‘+’ icon in the top right which allows users to add a new item to their lists quickly and easily at any time.)

The ‘Tasks’ tab, of course, displays any tasks you need to complete.  Tap the ‘Task Filter’ button in the top left corner and you will see that you can categorize and separate your task list according to the item’s status (In Progress, Completed, etc.), the item’s priority (Low, Medium, High), the item’s category (Business, Personal), or by which items are due within a certain time frame.  An easy-to-understand icon marks each categorization, keeping the list neat and tidy.

Using the ‘Contacts’ tab, users can access their entire phonebook’s list of contacts without ever having to leave Agendus as the information is automatically linked.  Here, users can view their contacts in the traditional view, in picture mode (name and number displayed next to their photo if one already exists), or in birthday view (names with birthdays attached listed chronologically according to upcoming dates).

Under the ‘Preferences’ tab, users can edit how they view each individual tab, as well as general and specific settings for every characteristic offered.  Users may even buy more icons to use when labeling their many tasks and events.  Best of all, users can watch a video tutorial (if they did not when prompted upon startup) that outlines how to use each tab to the fullest extent.  And though most everything about Agendus is purely intuitive, such an aid proves that this application’s only agenda is to truly ease the burden of a busy life.


Agendus requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.

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