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Popular iPad App Osmos Released for the iPhone

TweetThe popular iPad game, Osmos, by Hemisphere Games, has been released on the iPhone. Osmos is a beautiful game which uses the force of attraction and repulsion to navigate through different solar systems, completing challenges and defeating unique opponents. Time warping can slow down time to help complete a difficult level, or speed it up […]


Triniti Interactive Releases Bowman War – iPhone Edition

TweetTriniti Interactive, the creators of the Popular All-In-1 Gamebox app, have released their newest creation onto the app store, Bowman War – iPhone Edition.  Bowman War is the third in the Bowman Trilogy which includes Bowman Defense and Bowman Attack. Bowman War pits the Whites versus their enemies, the Reds, in fast castle defense gameplay. […]


Stay Safe, Be Prepared on Vacation with Global Help

TweetPrice: $1.99*   Score: 10/10   By A. Papachristos When traveling to a foreign country, there is one key word we must always keep in mind: foreign.  The name blatantly implies that you are visiting an unfamiliar place, meaning you need to be even more prepared for any and all circumstances than when at home.  Yet it […]