Toogo: A Different Kind of To-Do List

Price: $0.99   Score: 6/10   By M. SchustermanToogo

The idea behind this to-do list app is fantastic – rather than reminding you of what you need to do at a certain time, it reminds you based on your location. Unfortunately, Toogo didn’t quite work for me the way it was supposed to.

Designed by Ben Nelson, the concept is really great. Enter an item on your to-do list, such as “drop off library books,” and instead of putting in the due date, you find your library on the map, and the app will remind you to drop off the books when you’re in a certain radius (1/2 a mile to 10 miles) of the library.

There are two ways to enter the location – you can drag and drop the pinpoint on the map when you add a new task (the pinpoint is automatically dropped on your current location), or you can enter the name or address of the location in the search box and find it on a Google search list.

The second way is a bit confusing, simply because you’re on a Google page and at first your only option appears to be either clicking on one of the links to your search results or clicking “Done” at the top. However, there are little stars you can tap to highlight the location before choosing “Done.”

My problem was that, while Toogo immediately identified my location in Seattle, every location I entered by name came up somewhere in France. The same happened when I tried the pinpoint, all except once – the app did find Pike Place Market right away. However, the Space Needle and Seattle Central Library (both of which I identified on the search page and confirmed the correct address) were somehow transplanted to an area west of Paris.

My “get apples” reminder popped up perfectly when I walked by the market, and I really think this is a great way to approach to-do lists. I’m looking forward to seeing future updates, as I’d love to add Toogo to my list of “daily use” apps.


Toogo requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. johnd says:

    will check this out, looking for a similar app, hopefully its been maintained since 2010

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