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I’ve never been the type that clamored for Cosmo magazines just to take the “Does he really like you?” quizzes, but I can certainly understand the appeal. The Boyfriend Evaluator, designed by Cogitoad, Inc., aims to help girls understand and evaluate the guy they’re with.

This app takes itself seriously, but not too much – there’s definitely some humor in the questions and answers. Some of the questions are rather obvious, in my opinion, such as “Has he ever hit you?” – a clear sign of a problem if the answer is anything other than no, regardless of the other 49 questions on the quiz.

But some are more subtle and touch on things that some women, particularly those new to dating, may not consider. For example, “Is he ever unkind to waiters or other hired help?” That’s an important one for me, as treating waiters like second-class citizens is a big sign of a person’s true colors. The final question is one that I found especially insightful: “Do you often feel exhausted after you are around him for a while but don’t know why?” Particularly for younger girls, that can also be an indication of compatibility.

One thing I enjoyed about the answers was that they didn’t pigeonhole each boyfriend into one category only. For example, if your man shows tendencies of being a Lush, Operator, Airbag, Judge, Iceman, or Momma’s Boy, the answer will say so, and go into detail about each. And the answers truly are well-thought out.

The Boyfriend Evaluator is a simple, non-flashy app that’s easy to navigate. Each boyfriend you enter is automatically saved to a list, where you can view their test scores, take their test again, or email their test results. I’d say that this app, while the price is maybe a tad steep, is a good one to consider for those with real trouble identifying the good boys from the bad, or for girls who just enjoy a magazine-style boyfriend quiz.


The Boyfriend Evaluator requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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