Teach Me Sushi Tackles the Task to the Tail End

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Sushi is an acquired taste: you either love it, hate it, or come to love it.  Thankfully, in my case, my rebellious taste buds eventually kicked into gear and I’ve even come to crave sushi at the most unpredictable moments.  And now, with Teach Me Sushi by Teach Me Sushi, I can quell those craving in the comfort of my own home!

With Teach Me Sushi, users have access to 13 instructional videos, equaling 45 minutes of footage, dedicated to teaching them how to make delectable sushi right in their own kitchen.  Users will find everything from lists of the necessary equipment and ingredients, to step-by-step visual aids on how to make some of the most well known types of rolls.

When you start up Teach Me Sushi for the first time, you will find the Sushi Menu, which features a list of all topics covered within the application.  Simply tap on whichever category you wish and you will be taken to a separate page.  The Introduction, Equipment and How to Choose Your Fish sections all feature a simple video that adequately guides you through everything from the basics of sushi, to what makes certain fish perfect for your sushi creations.

The second tab in the bottom navigation bar (labeled What You Need) expands upon the Equipment section with an detailed list of not only what equipment this endeavor will require, but also a list of the ingredients necessary to make your sushi dreams become a reality.  Here, users will also find the exceptionally convenient Where to Buy tab, which will use your device’s location detection capabilities to narrow down the nearest Japanese supermarkets in your area using Google maps.  This way, users can easily map out their route and get directions.

Under ‘Cooking the Rice,’ users will find the instructions become more in-depth as the actual cooking process begins.  Here, users will not only find a video demonstration, but also a written step-by-step guide on how to prepare your sushi rice, as well as a sort of “about me” tab that describes the nature of sushi rice as a grain.  Plus, as the third tab in the bottom navigation bar, the Rice Timer takes the rice cooking lesson one step further by helping you cook your rice for the perfect amount of time with its 12 minute countdown clock timer.

Next, users will want to proceed to the ‘Preparing Your Vegetables’ section, where they will find a video as well as a step-by-step guide to preparing the necessary ingredients.  Users will also find a third tab, like in the rice section, which provides users with basic information about the given item.  For each section that you find broken down in this manner, the tabs will read as follows: Video, Step by Step, and About this Sushi.

After you learn how to prepare your vegetables, it is time to get down to business and make your rolls!  The remaining sections detail the process of how to create varying types of sushi rolls, such as: Maki, Inside Out Roll, Futo Maki, Hand Roll, Nigiri, Rainbow Roll, Sashimi, and Fashion Sandwich.

While everyone’s learning style differs, I highly recommend using the videos as a precursor, watching to gain a decent overview of the process.  Then, when you attempt to make the sushi yourself, use the step-by-step guide as if it were a cookbook.  The videos will always be there as backup in case you do not understand a step, but reading the instructions seems to be more conducive to completing the task at hand, for you can proceed at your own pace.  And, if you still cannot master the joy of sushi making, Teach Me Sushi offers classes to eligible participants as a way to personally instruct one or more people at a time in the ways of preparing ingredients and building the roll itself.  (You can learn more by tapping ‘Book a Lesson’ under the More tab in the bottom navigation bar.)

And now, thanks to the fact that I have typed the word “sushi” so many times, I must bid you farewell, for the craving has risen to the surface once again!  I’m thinking I could go for some tuna maki… Where’s the nearest Japanese supermarket again?


Teach Me Sushi requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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