Super Match 8 Tests Brain’s Speed and Observational Skills

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Whether you are young or old, the stress of everyday life can sometimes get to be so much that your mental capability and memory starts to wane under the pressure.  However, studies have shown that people who exercise their minds maintain their mental youth better than those who neglect their brain’s acuity.

With Super Match 8 Brain Game by Zyzzyx Media, users embrace the classic concept of matching like pictures by applying it to this simple yet challenging game.  Super Match 8 provides a steady mental workout, testing one’s observational skills, intelligence and dexterity.  However, Super Match 8’s simplistic and straightforward nature also helps to relax the user’s mind to a certain extent, for its uncomplicated, intuitive interface leaves you focusing on nothing but the game at hand.

The object of the game is simple: match the like images within the given time frame to proceed to the next level.  On the screen, users will be presented with 8 optical illusion photos, all appearing the same except for the one image that has a discrete but distinct difference compared to the others.  Each screen represents one level of the game, which is noted in the bottom left corner.  When you have figured out which image does not correspond with the rest, you must then quickly tap the 7 matching images before your timer runs out.  If you succeed, you will be promoted to the next of Super Match 8’s 100 levels.  If you fail, the game will end, but allow you to restart at the level you lost.

Of course, a game like this depends solely on the user’s preference, for its minimalist nature can come off as monotonous or boring after a while of play.  For users unsure of whether they will like Super Match 8 enough to pay for the full application, I highly suggest you test out the lite version also available.  The lite version provides a small sampling – just 15 levels – to wet your whistle and get you hooked, for this is the perfect game to keep your mind active while also letting the troubles of the day slip away.  Take the time to channel all of your brainpower into this simple game, challenging your mind with varying levels of difficulty that will reward and confuse just like a good game should!

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Super Match 8 requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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