So We Meet Again: HiBye Revisited

Price: Free     Score: 8/10     By A. PapachristosHiBye

The iTunes App Store is chock full of options.  No matter what you’re looking for, there truly is an app for that.  And, with so many developers creating similar apps, all trying to fill the same needs, their greatest task is to attract attention, making their product the one you simply cannot function without.  For those who are truly confident in what their product has to offer, the ideal (and easiest) way to attract new buyers is to offer a free sampling.

HiBye Free by shani hajbi, like its paid version ($0.99), is designed to help you organize your temporary contacts list so you do not accidentally delete important phone numbers from your already jumbled call list, allowing users to save numbers they may need to reference later, complete with timer and note functions.

With the timer function, users can add a temporary contact to their list, setting a specific expiration date for that contact.  This will ensure that these mainly extraneous phone numbers, email address and various other bits of information will not remain on your list too long and clutter the rest of your official contact list because, conveniently, HiBye Free syncs directly with the rest of your contacts.  When the life span of the contact is just about up, the timer will alert you so you can choose to permanently delete the contact or extend its life span.

Upon startup, users will see that the main screen is also the ‘Contacts’ tab, where they can find the list of all those temporary contacts they have added.  This is also the very place they can add more contacts to their list by using the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner.  When entering a new contact, users can enter the same types of information they normally do under the general contacts list on their device.  HiBye Free recommends adding a note so you always remember exactly why a given contact was saved to your temporary list.

In the top left corner, users will find the ‘Settings’ button.  Here, users can set their timer specifications.  With HiBye Free, users can only assign a timer of up to a week, while they can save a contact for up to a year with the full version.  However, this gives users a nice taste of HiBye’s capabilities.  Users may also enable the HiBye Dummy, which shows up in your regular contacts list.  Using the dummy, users can enter temporary contact information right from their contacts list, never having to launch HiBye Free to do so.

When contacts are about to expire, users will find their information under the ‘TimeOut’ tab, where they will be able determine the contact’s fate.  HiBye Free suits the iPhone user best because iPod Touch users would need to juggle two devices to maximize the app’s usefulness, inputting the information manually instead of extracting it directly from your log.

Users may access all these conveniences within the paid application, as well as advanced services including: setting the timer for up to one year; archiving your contacts with the ability to restore them with one click; creating custom contact categories.  However, HiBye Free does a great job of supplementing the main characteristic of the paid version, while dangling the appealing traits of the full version within a tempting distance of the consumer’s nose.

To view my original review of HiBye (paid edition), click here.


HiBye Free requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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