Six Awesome Apps For Learning Human Anatomy On Your iPhone/iPad

Price: Various    Score: 9/10    By Shaun Campbell

Anatomy is a notoriously hard and complex subject to learn, but it’s also one of the most common University-level courses taken by students around the world. Whether you’re a medical student, science undergrad or practicing nurse, physiotherapist or massage therapist – a solid knowledge of human anatomy is essential. has developed six amazing apps that make learning anatomy easier and more interactive than ever before. Available for both the iPhone and iPad, the range of apps covers most of the body systems including skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, urogenital and digestive.

Featuring high-resolution 3D images of the body, the apps present all the most important anatomical structures in excellent detail. You can zoom in on any part of the body to get a closer look and then you simply swipe across the screen to rotate the muscle, bone or organ. Most structures have several views available including anterior, posterior, lateral, superior and inferior perspectives.

Each app has a “flag” feature that allows you to self-test on any part of the body. Tapping the flag button will label all the important structures in that view, and you simply select a flag to view the name of a particular structure and tap again to view function and origin/insertion information. The index is another indispensable feature of each of the apps – if you need to find a particular bone, muscle, nerve or vessel you simply scroll down through the index or type in the name of the structure and it will come up on screen automatically. There’s also a quiz option which is a fantastic way to test your skills.

The price range across the six apps is quite varied and depends on the amount of content that the apps provide. Naturally, the muscular and skeletal systems are content-heavy and this is reflected in the price. While $19.99 may seem expensive, you really can’t get the same level of anatomical detail and interactivity from a similarly priced book. Having said that, some of the apps could benefit from some updates that include some important, but currently missing structures/views such as the cranial nerves in The Nervous System and the cranial fossae in The Skeletal System Pro.

While these anatomy apps for iPhone and iPad use computer-generated 3D images, they are not unfortunately 3D in a 360 degree sense. When viewing the skull, for example, swiping to the side will change the view from an anterior view to a lateral one, but this is simply an interchange between two images. The apps are still incredibly useful, but if the developer were able to update these apps to feature some 360 degree structures they would be truly amazing.

The Urogenital System – $4.99 iTunes link [iPhone/iPad]

The Skeletal System Pro – $19.99 iTunes link [iPhone/iPad]

The Muscle System Pro – $19.99 iTunes link [iPhone/iPad]

The Cardiovascular System- $17.99 iTunes link [iPhone/iPad]

The Digestive System – $4.99 iTunes link [iPhone/iPad]

The Nervous System – $14.99 iTunes link [iPhone/iPad]

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4 Responses to “Six Awesome Apps For Learning Human Anatomy On Your iPhone/iPad”

  1. Michael says:

    I’ve got two to recommend that help you learn about the brain: one is called “Brain Tutor” and the other is “3D Brain”. Both are great apps. I’d also liked to recommend two of my own apps, which can be used to memorize the parts of the Brain, the Eye and the Ear, they are called “BrainNmonX” and “Eyes and Ears” – both use the keyword technique to help you memorize.

  2. Jess says:

    And Monster Anatomy for the lower limb (MR images).Great app with a lot of information and a good image quality. Jess.

  3. Mark says:

    Thanks for these links. I agree with Michael, Brain tutor and 3D Brain are excellent apps. I will check out BrainNmonX and Eyes and Ears over the weekend.

    I would also like to promote an app that we have developed, called Pocket Body (Musculoskeletal). I have a few promo codes if anyone is interested? Please email mark[dot]campbell [at] PocketAnatomy [dot] com.


  4. john B says:

    Instant Anatomy have done a few apps as well.

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