Sink Battleships All Over the World with Pirate Battle

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Most people are familiar with the phrase, “You sunk my battleship!”  But as technology rapidly evolves, so must the classics of our childhood.  Now, with the power of the Internet in the palm of our hands, users can battle other players with ease, from those sitting right next to them, to those on an entirely different continent.  No longer do we have to wait for a nearby playmate, for there are thousands awaiting our company in the online gaming world.

With Pirate Battle by Green Eye GmbH/Spreekonzept, users can sink the battleships of players all over the world via 3G, EDGE or Wi-Fi connection.  Just like the classic board game, Pirate Battle allows users from all over the globe to go head-to-head in this age-old challenge of cunning and luck.

The home screen leads users to a menu where they may login, register, or retrieve their forgotten password.  Users must initially register in order to play, for Pirate Battle is an online-based game that requires a username and password for all participants.  However, the signup process is exceptionally quick and you can begin playing as soon as you’ve entered the information!

Once you have registered and logged in, you will be led to a different home screen with a menu featuring access to: New Game, Running Games, Scores, Settings and Rules/Help.  When starting a new game, users can select a partner by username, from their contact list, randomly, or choose single player mode.

At the beginning, players may position their ships wherever they wish by dragging them into place.  As you play, you tap various areas on the board to see if you can find one of your opponent’s five battleships, pressing ‘Fire’ to shoot.  If you get a mere splash, the turn moves to your opponent.  However, if you tap to reveal an explosion, you may continue tapping until you have successfully blown up the ship or have targeted the wrong spot and only get a splash.  Don’t worry, though, for you may pick up where you left off on your next turn, thereby eventually blowing up the discovered ship altogether.  And, with the convenience of Push notifications, users can even multi-task with their device as they wait for their next turn.

Running Games is where you can find a list of games you are currently playing, allowing you to easily switch between sessions if you wish.  Scores saves your past results, listing your name, who you played against, and the ratio of times you won against them versus times they beat you.

Under Settings, users can alter how they are notified of turns, amongst other things.  Users can opt in or out of email notifications as well as Push notifications, and turn the sound effects on or off.  Users may also enter their email address and adjust their password, and even switch language preferences from English to Deutsch.  Simply hit ‘Save’ in the bottom right corner to maintain your new settings.

And, if you forget what to do, the ‘Rules/Help’ button explains everything you need to know.  So stop syncing your device and start sinking with it instead!


Pirate Battle requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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