HiBye Helps Organize Temporary Contact Confusion

Price: $1.99   Score: 8/10    By A. Papachristosshani

Everyone could use a little help when it comes to organization.  Even the biggest neat freaks can often find themselves misplacing items or confusing bits of information.  But when clutter begins to plague something as vital as your phone, such disarray could become costly to both your personal and professional lives.

For anyone who has ever accidentally deleted an important phone number from his or her jumbled call history, or lost the contact information of a potential client or significant other, HiBye by shani hajbi is for you.  Designed to help you keep track of your temporary contacts list, HiBye allows users to organize everything into a category separate from your typical list of contacts, while still uniting them both to create a streamlined, tidy collection of names, numbers and email addresses.

HiBye sets itself apart with its timer function.  When adding a temporary contact to your list, simply set a timer for however long you like.  Then, when the life span of the contact is about to run out, the timer will alert you, allowing you to choose to delete the contact permanently, extend its life span or save it to your archive.  Placing your contact in the archive will clear it from your main contact list, but will allow it to be restored with a simple click if needed again later on.

On the main screen, users will find a list of all their entered contacts under the appropriately named ‘Contacts’ tab.  The upper right corner features a ‘+’ icon that allows you to add a new contact to your list, while the Search bar obviously allows you to look for a specific contact.  And, when entering a new contact, jotting down a note to remind you exactly why that person made it to your list in the first place will surely come in handy in the future when you just can’t remember who they are.

The ‘Settings’ button in the top left is where users can go to determine their timer count and categories.  Adjust the life of your default contact timer and decide whether you want an alert before deletion or to have the contact automatically saved to the archive.  This default setting will then be applied to all new contacts unless otherwise assigned.  Users can also create eight distinct categories of their own choosing as a way to organize contacts even further.

The ‘TimeOut’ tab is where users will be able to find those contacts that are about to expire and determine their future.  The ‘Archive’ tab, as the name clearly implies, is where users will find all the contacts that have expired but saved to HiBye’s memory.  And, the ‘Help’ tab provides a list of frequently asked questions and clarifying instructions for those who need a refresher on how to use certain aspects of HiBye.

While iPod Touch users who are willing to input the contact information manually into a separate device can use HiBye effectively, HiBye ideally suits the iPhone user best because they will not need to juggle two devices to maximize the app’s usefulness.

Conveniently, all your temporary contacts will be saved to you iPhone’s regular contact list as well.  The temporary contacts will synchronize with your devices and any contact manager you use to sync with your device, including your computer, MobileMe, and Google Contacts.  With such versatility, HiBye truly accommodates even the least experienced user, making their info-juggling days a thing of the past.


HiBye requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.

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