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I live in fear of becoming one of those people walking down the street, eyes glued to the screen and thumbs flying. In other words, I avoid texting unless necessary. While still more convenient than calling, typing out a text message, particularly when you want to meet up with someone, can be time consuming. Enter Here There Where?.

Designed by Davick Apps, Here There Where? does exactly what the name indicates. Tap “Here” on the main menu to text someone and let them know where you are. Type “There” to let them know where you’re going to be. And type “Where” to text them a general “what’s going on” pre-formatted text.

“Here” worked perfectly for me. The app automatically detects your location, and when I tapped “Here” it pulled up a list of the cafes and restaurants closest to me. Tap one, then either choose a contact from your address book, or create a group for permanent use with the app. You can check to include the address and a link to a map of your location. The text will come with an automatic message (“Hey, I’m at the Highlander Pub”), and you can add your own text as well before hitting send.

“There” works the same way, although this is where I noticed that there is a limit to which locations you can choose. You can type the name or address of the location into the search function and it will begin to automatically generate guesses. Geek that I am, I tried to enter my city’s central library, and even after typing in its exact address, the closest I could get was the hotel next door. The app does seem to have an extensive list of eateries, bars, museums and hotels listed, but I was a little surprised Seattle Central wasn’t on there.

As for “Where,” the pre-formatted texts (which you can edit) are simple questions like “Are you going to the party?” and “What’s the plan?” It would be a cool feature in future editions if adjustments we make to our own custom texts could be saved.

Overall, this non-texter is going to leave this app on her iPhone and most likely make some good use of it. I haven’t experienced any bugs with the first version, and seeing as it’s a freebie, I’d recommend checking it out.


Here There Where? requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone.

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4 Responses to “Here There Where? Text Your Location Fast”

  1. Erik says:

    Sick application – def. one I’ll be using on the weekends!

  2. Randy says:

    Seattle Central is not on there, but the Seattle Center is definitely in the app.

  3. Jane says:

    Awesome App – Love the group feature! Two thumbs up!!

  4. Broz says:


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