FitClick Easily Tracks Workout and Diet Habits

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Diets and workouts are a growing part of our society today.  With gyms popping up left and right, and men and women all over hopping on the fad diet bandwagon, we can see that the desire to be fit and healthy is not something that will likely fade any time soon.  However, keeping track of your habits, progress and commitment involves a mental workout that may just cause some to lose more confidence than weight as they attempt to keep on task.

But, with FitClick Diet & Workout Tracker by Genesant Technologies, Inc, users can easily track their diet and workout habits in a single, easy to comprehend application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  All one needs is their device, an Internet connection (iPod Touch users must have access to Wi-Fi), and a goal to get started.

To begin, users must register with, or login if they already have an account.  When creating an account, users will need to provide a username, email address, password, their age and gender, current weight, goal weight and height.  (Don’t worry; the registration page will open in a Safari window, but will direct you back to the FitClick app upon completion.)  For the next step, users will need to choose a workout setup from the potential choices, including: Track My Exercise Only, FitClick Walking Plan, Beginner Circuit Training, Combo Cardio Plan and numerous others.  Once you tap submit, you will then need to choose your diet setup: Track Food & Nutrients Only, Good Carb Diet, Healthy Lifestyle Diet, Slim & Trim Diet, and Carb Reduction Diet.

Once you have finally set up your account, you will be directed back to the FitClick app where you may login.  The home screen also acts as the main menu, displaying the necessary tools needed to optimize you experience, as well as simple features such as the ‘Change Current Date’ button, or the ‘Help’ page, which will clear up any confusion that may arise when entering your information into the system.

Under the ‘Calorie Balance’ category, users will find their calculated target caloric intake for the day.  By tracking the number of calories eaten and the number of calories burned, this section also presents users with the figure for their daily net calories.  For this to be possible, users must also utilize the ‘Diet Tracker’ section, which allows users to enter the food they’ve eaten for breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner.  Their database of over 110,000 foods makes logging your intake simple and helps users automatically calculate their caloric intake for that given meal.

The ‘Workout Tracker’ helps guide users with a list of suggested exercises based on their chosen workout plan, though users may add other exercises if they choose.  Underneath each exercise is the suggested reps.  Once the user has completed the exercise, they can then tap the specific exercise to indicate it has been completed and to record how many reps were done.  However, the ‘Exercise Demonstrations’ may be FitClick’s greatest asset.  With 799 listed exercises (covering abdominals, back, biceps, calves, cardio, chest, forearms, lower back, shoulders, thighs, trapezius and triceps), users receive not only a written step-by-step instruction on how to carry out the exercise, but also a video demonstration, as if they have their own personal trainer right within their portable device.

Plus, users also gain free access to after registration, unleashing many other attractive, useful characteristics.  With this comes access to their calorie counter and food journal, 7,000 custom diet plans, 10,000 custom workout routines, the ability to create and share your own diet and workout plans with other users, over 11,000 recipes, weight loss groups, custom grocery lists and so much more.

How ironic that an app dedicated to helping people get fit can be so fat with attractive qualities… Wonderful!


FitClick requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.

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  1. Super article

    There’s nothing like being lean. In today’s era of fastfood, we mustworkout more often and throw off our unhealthy diet habits. It’s not that hard. You only need to stick to a diet program and keep going until you reach your goals.

    Thanks for sharing this with your readers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you this particular post D I enjoy that!!

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