FatBooth Reveals Funny Face Weight Gain

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Healthy lifestyles have become the center of attention.  Working out and eating right, however, are not simply passing trends, for we must all make our physical well being a priority.  But what if you wanted to play around and see exactly what would happen if you let yourself gain a few pounds?

With FatBooth by PiVi & Co, users can manipulate photos, creating new, “larger-than-life” versions of themselves and friends.  Simply take a photo of yourself or a friend with your iPhone’s camera, or use photos from you photo library (iPod Touch users) to test out what you would look like if you happened to gain some weight (in the chin area, at least).

To begin, all one must do is press ‘Start’ on the homepage.  FatBooth will then tell you that only face front photos will suffice, no profiles, for you will not be able to align photos properly in that manner.  Then, either tap ‘Camera’ to take a new photo or ‘Choose’ to pick from photos already in your library.

Once you have your photo, FatBooth will take a moment to load the image using its face detection capabilities.  If your photo is too far away or too dark, FatBooth may alert you and ask you to choose another photo.  Then, once you have chosen an adequate photo, FatBooth will ask you to adjust the eyes, mouth and chin markers to make sure the photo is properly aligned before manipulating.  Then, when you’re ready, press ‘Go’ and a jumpy little hamburger will hop up and down on the screen exclaiming “Yummy, yummy!” until for photo has been altered.

The results are usually quite hilarious, in fact.  As long as you are using a centered, face forward photo, you will surely find yourself and your friends with much fuller, fatter faces than you ever imagined possible.  (Think of it as a glimpse into the possible future and use that image as incentive to remain fit and healthy.)  Once you are satisfied with the result, users can save the image to their photo library, enabling them to send the photo via text message.  Users may also send the image via email, Facebook or Twitter right within FatBooth itself.

FatBooth is like an instant fat suit for your face.  However, I would recommend you avoid using FatBooth in front of anyone who may be heavier or have weight issues, for the entire concept could be found as insensitive.  A sense of humor is definitely in order.

FatBooth requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.

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