All-in-1 Gamebox – 35 Games for $0.99!

If you love your games and you love a good deal, then you’re not going to be able to do much better than this. The All-in-1 Gamebox from Triniti Interactive offers a staggering 35 games for just $0.99.

After starting out with just 8 games in 2009, the All-in-1 Gamebox has grown to its current total of 35 games and has been downloaded an amazing 1.7 million times in the process.With an average customer review of 4.5 stars on iTunes, you really can’t go wrong.

  1. AC-130 Spectre [3D WARFARE SIM] Man the guns on the deadliest weapon in the sky…
  2. Ada’s Hospital [TIME MANAGEMENT] Funds are tight & time is short! Help Ada save her hospital!
  3. Ancient War [WI-FI MULTIPLAYER CASTLE DEFENSE] Lead your army to conquer enemy tribes!
  4. Archer [3D SPORTS SIM] Load your arrow & pull back on the bowstring!
  5. 1945 Ace Destroyer [ARCADE] Strap yourself into a WWII fighter & defend the Pacific!
  6. Blighted Earth [TOWER DEFENSE] Dig in. Planet Earth is under siege…
  7. Bowman Attack [STRATEGY RPG] Duke it out in this riff on Scorched Earth™ & Worms™!
  8. Bowman Defense [CASTLE DEFENSE] Defend your castle with poison, fire, & ice!
  9. Bubble Master [ARCADE] A simple bubble shooter with a unique animation style.
  10. Chicks [STRATEGY] Inspired by Lemmings™!
  11. Climber [PLATFORM CLIMBER] Escape the ruins of a dilapidated city.
  12. Digital Heist [ACTION/PUZZLE] Grab the cash & get out while you can!
  13. Dino Cap [SIDE-SCROLLING SHOOT ‘EM UP] Prehistoric lizards are tearing the city apart. Lock & load…
  14. Fit It! [PUZZLE] Make things square.
  15. Get Rich [ARCADE] Money rains from the sky!
  16. Hell Flyer [ARCADE] Swing from one stalactite to the next & avoid the lava below!
  17. Hot Pursuit [TOP-DOWN ARCADE RACER] Time for some high-caliber road rage!
  18. Hired Gun [CARTOON SNIPER] Bring a steady hand…
  19. iKungFu Master [ACTION SIDE-SCROLLER] Upgrade your skills & annihilate bosses!
  20. iPuppy Husky [3D PUPPY SIM] Care for & play with your very own puppy!
  21. Iron Commando [RETRO PLATFORMER] Jump into this Contra™ inspired shooter & score some power-ups!
  22. iSniper [ARCADE] The best-selling original with 12,000,000+ downloads!
  23. iSniper 3D [3D WARFARE SIM] Start racking up head-shots in this visually stunning take on modern warfare.
  24. iUFO Catcher [ARCADE] It’s the claw! Grab as many furry prizes as you can!
  25. Jailbreaker [SIDE-SCROLLING JUMPER] Run away!
  26. 321! Jump! [JUMPING PLATFORMER] Jump from block to block, but don’t fall down!
  27. Knight’s Odyssey [ACTION] Fight through a sea of armored enemies in this epic journey.
  28. Neander Block [MATCH-3 PUZZLER] Swap the right blocks to gather resources & help your Neander Tribe claim new territory!
  29. Observer [PUZZLE] Spot the difference!
  30. Operation iWolf [ARCADE] Third person warfare.
  31. 2009 Road Master [TOP-DOWN ARCADE RACER] Put the pedal to the metal in this race against time!
  32. Robo Rush [RETRO PLATFORMER] Pound through blocks, eat power-ups, & squash baddies!
  33. Star Marine [DUAL-STICK TOP-DOWN SHOOTER] Incinerate the alien hordes!
  34. The Sudoku Times [NEWSPAPER SUDOKU] 29,000 puzzles & news about you!

(we know the list is missing one)


ALL-IN-1 Gamebox is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and requires iOS 3.0 or later.

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