URrights DWI: Know Your Rights in an Emergency

Price: $.99  Score: 10/10  By Michelle SchustermanURrights DWI

The rule is simple enough; don’t drink and drive. But even the most responsible adults are faced with situations where we wonder if what we’ve had counts, if we are safe to drive, and if we’re putting ourselves at risk of being arrested for DWI.

URrights DWI, designed by URrights LLC, aims to help adults out when they’ve had a beer or glass of wine and need to know their rights and what they should and shouldn’t do. The app starts out with a quiz (don’t take it when you’re drunk, you actually have to think!): Three questions covering basic fundamentals of field sobriety and DWI laws.

After the quiz, you’ll tap to install the app, then enter your contact info, as the app may help you out in emergency situations. You can set up a “Lifeline” option by entering a friend or family member’s phone number so that if the app is activated when you are pulled over, they receive a message saying you may have been arrested, and what city you’re in. (Take care to deactivate this if you’re just experimenting with the app!)

You can also set up a recording option to record your conversation with an officer. We’ve all seen enough horror stories of people pulled over to understand how this feature could be potentially useful in court. Another option allows you to let the app automatically contact lawyers in your area should a situation arise. Once the setup is complete, you’ll view a short audio clip about your rights when it comes to DWI.

All this set up is mandatory to get to the info, but those services are a big part of what makes this app so unique. Within the app you can take notes about what the incident (and reactivate the lawyer notification, if you’d disabled it initially), enter a question to submit to the attorney’s that subscribe to the URrights notification service, locate the nearest tow services, taxis, or jails on GPS, and estimate your BAC.

What I really like is that this app is designed for emergency purposes – you open it, tap and confirm “Emergency” and set all of those things you set-up in motion immediately – but there’s also a test button so you can experiment and see how it works without scaring the hell out of your spouse with a text message saying you may have been arrested for DWI.

Again – the best way to avoid trouble is not to drive when you’ve been drinking, no matter what the amount. But if you’d like to know your rights in the matter, or just want a good emergency alert system should things head that direction, this app is great for just that purpose.

URrights DWI requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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