Subdue the Slow, Annoying Secretly with Silencer

Price: $.99   Score: 7/10   By Anna PapachristosSilencer

The general public can be rather annoying.  They talk too loud, they say too much, and they move too slowly, all with complete disregard for anyone who may be around them.  Luckily, for those trying to find a way to clearly get their message across to those irritating culprits, Silencer by Michael Mehlberg provides users with a method that maintains anonymity while spreading the message effectively.

With Silencer, users can grab someone’s attention, tell them to quiet down or tell them to speed up without even using your own voice.  Silencer features three modes, which you can choose from at the top of the main screen.  Psst! Mode helps you gain someone’s attention; Quiet! Mode helps you shush any annoyingly noisy people nearby; Hurry! Mode helps you urge people to move it along and pick up the pace.  Users may then determine their level of respectfulness by using the slider right underneath the mode selection.  Politeness level ranges anywhere from nice to nasty and everywhere in between.  Of course, the closer you get to nasty, the more hilarious the sayings and tone of voice becomes.

Users have the choice of either a male or female voice for every mode.  The male voice is comical, for he constantly sounds like some menacing serial killer about to lose his mind and attack, even on nice mode.  The female voice, at times, seems very unenthusiastic and emotionless, though she does get a bit feistier when elevated to nasty level.  The best part about the gender choice is that you can greatly confuse everyone around you by selecting the voice of the opposite gender, ridding yourself of any suspicion.

In the center of the screen, you will find an icon labeled with a question mark.  By tapping, you will reveal various tips from the makers of Silencer giving you advice on how to optimize your use of the app and make it most amusing.

Silencer also presents two other modes that increase the humor.  Covert Mode helps you cover your tracks by blackening your screen while still allowing you to tap and share your outburst secretly.  Simply double tap to enter the mode and swipe to exit.  Joke Mode allows you to set a timer, turn your screen black and hide your phone.  Then, when it goes off, your friends, family and anyone nearby will go crazy trying to figure out where the voice came from.  All you must do is enter your desired text, set the timer in either seconds or minutes (available at intervals of 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45 and 60), and choose whether you’d like ‘Repeat Joke’ on or off.  You may also pick the gender of Joke Mode’s voice or set it to random.

While Silencer is far from being considered a necessity, it does provide a decent amount of entertainment.  Will it solve the worldwide problem of rudeness and encourage others to be more conscientious of one another?  No, probably not.  But at least you’ll gain some pleasure watching them go a little crazy with confusion.

Silencer requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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