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Price: $4.99*   Score: 8/10   By Anna PapachristosHello Word Deluxe Spanish

Television ads claim they can teach you how to speak a new language if you buy their special program.  For an exorbitant number of installments of $19.95, customers can begin speaking a new language within mere minutes of their first use.  But when you don’t have the time (or the funds!) for such a heavy task, learning the entire language backwards and forwards isn’t the only way to learn key vocabulary that will help you get by if need be.

Hello Word Deluxe Spanish by Poldata s.p.j. provides users with affordable vocabulary learning software, featuring a word catalogue of over 4400 entries.  Divided into 30 categories, each with around or over 100 words and definitions in each, users may also gain access to sets prepared by other users by installing sets others have created and then posted to Hello Word’s website.  When browsing through sets, a green dot will mark sets already downloaded, a yellow dot will indicate there is an update available, and no dot means the set has yet to be installed.

When you begin, you must always tap the startup screen in order to enter Hello Word.  Your first startup will make you create a user nickname because Hello Word allows multiple users to access and track their progress through the use of the app on a single device.  With separate nicknames, users can switch back and forth between however many users they choose to let use their device.

Hello Word Deluxe Spanish caters to both young and old users with its intuitive, easy-to-use bottom navigation bar.  Plus, with its separately designed sections for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced learners, anyone at any stage of the learning process can acclimate to Hello Word quite comfortably.  Beginners start off with basic categories, mainly words of necessity, and as they move up in stages, so do the complexity of their vocabulary categories.  Users will find categories about: Time, Home, Education, Geography, Science, Clothing, Money, Animals, Culture, Entertainment and many others.

An audio clip of the proper Spanish pronunciation also accompanies each word, as well as a definition in both Spanish and English.  What truly sets Hello Word apart is its offer to learn in two different modes – normal and reverse.  This way, no matter which is your native language, users can learn a language in any direction they choose, whether it be English-to-Spanish or Spanish-to-English.  Plus, Hello Word also comes in Polish, German and French!

Hello Word also presents five different learning modes: Quiz, Write In, Puzzle, Cards and Sliding Cards.  While each mode’s name is pretty self-explanatory, Cards and Sliding Cards are similar, as they both resemble a flashcard style of studying and testing your knowledge.  As you progress, your “effectiveness” will be saved.  “Effectiveness” is measured in percentages and indicates exactly how well you’re doing as you continue to learn the various vocabulary words presented.

Add points and a ranking system to the mix and you’ve got motivation!  When a user achieves laudable results, they may publish them within the app and to their site.  Their scores will then be ranked so they can compete with other ranked users from all over.  This aspect presents incentive to users of any level because, with a ranking system and sense of competition in place, they will want to learn things quickly and efficiently so they can be the best, which is exactly what Hello Word Deluxe Spanish lends itself to in the first place.

*Price listed represents the current 50% off sale price.

Hello Word Deluxe Spanish requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer in order to speed up the publication of this review.

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