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Most games are an adventure of chance.  Not knowing how things will turn out is part of the excitement, but when there is money involved, risk results in nervousness (and potential poverty if you don’t play your cards right).  Many, of course, don’t know how to quit while they’re ahead, basing their continuing play on gut feelings and wishful thinking.

For those who want to hopefully improve their luck by approaching their games in a more sensible manner, there is Royale Poker Odds by Itchigoo.  With the Texas Hold’em Edition, Royale Poker Odds is designed to help poker players of any experience level better predict their odds of winning.

As mentioned in the App Store description, most odds calculators emphasize their complexity and number of indicators, which ultimately confuses players more than the game itself.  Instead, Royale Poker Odds goes upon the assumption that you do not have any idea what cards your opponent may have in his or her hand.  While other such calculators ask you what cards your opponent is holding – something that only a mind reader could possibly know – Royale Poker Odds presents you with your odds against random hands as well as a selected group of cards, giving you a better estimate without depending on your budding telepathic powers.

Royale Poker Odds promises five specific features you will not encounter with any other odds calculator.  Royale allows for easy card selection, letting you tap on whichever card you wish to add to your hand.  You may also pronounce your card (in English), which will automatically be recognized, then displaying the card on screen.  The idea of speaking your card’s names to make them appear seems a tad counterintuitive, however, considering the last thing you want to do is share such vital information out loud with your opponent a mere few feet away, but obviously this is a great feature for online play.  Also, users can determine their starting hand’s expected value, the number of outs on flop and on turn, their chances of winning against up to nine other players, and their chance of winning or tying against groups of cards.

The main menu lists three different categories: Odds Calculator, Bonus and Settings.  Odds Calculator allows you to enter your starting hand information, number of players and other such information, then presenting you with your odds of a win or tie.  Bonus presents a selection of odds both pre-flop and post-flop, such as The Sklansky Matrix and Probabilities at Showdown.  Settings allows you to determine your computation preferences: Speed first, Speed = Accuracy, and Accuracy first.  This all seems genuinely helpful, though I’m not sure your opponents will enjoy waiting the time it takes for you to input all of the necessary information to determine your odds.

While there are no distinct written directions on how to use Royale Poker Odds, they do provide a wonderful instructional video that may just help explain what to do better than written instructions ever could.  Simply tap the screenshot icon in the bottom right corner of the home screen to access the video within the app itself.  To view the video demonstration of Royale Poker Odds, click here.

Royale Poker Odds requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.

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  1. Tim says:

    Most of those poker calculator for the iPad are pretty good but it was pretty frustrating that I couldn’t play real money poker on the iPad. Seem’s that’s about to change according to this article about the first iPad cash money poker room. Can’t wait till friday.

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