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Sometimes it’s just one of those days when nothing goes the way you want.  With the stressors of work, family, life and relationships weighing down, the pressure of everyday life can make you want to snap. Screaming, yelling, breaking things, beating up a pillow – they all cross your mind as you long to find some way to calm your anger without actually pummeling the person who has made you feel like this.

Luckily, with iBreak by Gazelle Productions, you can relieve some of that rage without the serious consequences of actually breaking objects around the room (or someone’s face, even).  With iBreak, users must simply tap the screen in order to produce the illusion that they have broken their iPhone or iPod Touch’s screen.  Users may use the picture that automatically appears upon startup, or they may take a photo or use one from their library as their screen’s background during their rampage.  Then, simply by tapping the screen, you can watch as the cracks appear.

If someone is driving you nuts, take a picture of them and tap until the glass over their eyeball shatters.  Or, for fun, take a screenshot of your home screen and tap a few cracks into it.  Then, when the one who has been frustrating you the most sees you’ve “broken” your screen as a result, watch them feel bad as you laugh your head off at their anguish.  (It’s sure to make you feel better in the process!)  Yes, this may be a little sinister, but after all the aggravation, watching someone shake in their boots, even for just a moment, may be exactly what you need to take the edge off.

The best part is when you’ve cracked the glass so much that it finally shatters completely, combusting in the form of a sudden vibrate.  And, if you tap on the same spot three times, you may shatter the glass simply by blowing on the device.  But don’t get too carried away!  You may find the mere tapping motion to be too easygoing for the severity of your anger, making you tap and tap to your fullest extent.  Maybe iBreak should come with some sort of disclaimer…

In fact, that may be the biggest pitfall of all.  Users may not feel their anger is fully quelled because of how gentle they need to be.  You get the illusion that things are breaking, but it doesn’t give quite the same satisfaction.  But, if you’re angry to the point where you honestly want to tap your screen to death and smash various objects, I suggest putting down your device altogether and stepping away from iBreak slowly.  Then, go find a punching bag.  Or a psychiatrist.  Because iBreak can only withstand the force of the mildly angry, so beware.

iBreak requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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