qCard Creates Quite the Contact Conundrum

Price: $.99   Score: 4/10  By Anna Papachristosq·.:CARD

Sometimes, when perusing the App Store, you may come across certain products that seems creative and unique.  However, once you sit down to examine their practicality, you realize that, while based on an interesting premise, they actually make no sense in the way they function.

So is the case with qCard by ikangai solutions.  The basic idea is that qCard is to serve as a quick and simple way to share information from your Contacts list.  Each contact you choose will have its own “qCard” generated with its own designated barcode.  You may then scan any qCard with your iPhone and that card’s information will automatically be added to your Contacts list.  There is no Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or 3G necessary, just the camera capability.

The bottom navigation bar is pretty simple.  Scan allows you to begin scanning someone else’s card, while qCard lets you access you Contacts list so you may choose who you wish to create a card for, and the ‘?’ icon provides you with an FAQ list, though the answers may not even help solve your practicality issues.

While I do give qCard points for originality, the concept falls short of useful unless you and all your friends, colleagues and potential business partners are using an iPhone, as well as qCard.  The strange “barcode” created for each contact looks more like an awkward puzzle and the concept of scanning goes upon too many assumptions.  While the iPhone is quite popular, there’s a vast amount of other phones out there that will not support such technology.  Plus, the likelihood of everyone with an iPhone downloading qCard as well is a ridiculous idea.  Why spend even a dollar when, for a little hard labor, you can enter the information by hand for free?  Perhaps, for some, qCard is worth the try.  But text often (or at all), you’ll know that manual input is a much easier route to take.

qCard requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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