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Price: $2.99   Score: 9/10   By Anna PapachristosProactive Sleep Alarm Clock

Run here, go there – with such a fast-paced world, we are expected to be practically everywhere!  The demands on are time during our waking hours leave very few hours left for that ever-important activity known as sleeping.  Though a foreign concept to many, sleep is a necessity and keeps us alive and functioning.  Without sleep, all those tasks that have you running around will eventually fall to the wayside as you proceed to pass out from exhaustion.

Thankfully, Proactive Sleep Alarm Clock by Proactive Life helps users learn how to form better sleeping habits by monitoring their daily activities, revealing possible correlations between your waking hours and your sleep routine.  Proactive Sleep also acts as a convenient behavior diary and life coach, providing individualized feedback on all the information you track.

The main screen of Proactive Sleep presents five tabs at the bottom of the screen, each serving a specific and important function.  The first marks the Alarm.  Users may choose to wake naturally, therefore setting no alarm, or they may set the alarm to go off at any time they wish.  The scrolling clock setting in the middle of the screen lets you adjust you wake-up time.  When you awake, alarm or not, Proactive Sleep will question you as to how long it took you to fall asleep the night before.  Users may also be woken up to the stimulation of the Proactive Game, which may be turned on or off under the ‘Settings’ tab in the middle of the navigation bar.

Under ‘Settings,’ users may adjust their sleep goal, which comes set at the traditionally recommended eight hours.  Users may also set the music played when their alarm sounds in the morning, choosing between the default sounds included with Proactive Sleep or their own iPod music selections of which they may shuffle up to three songs.  There is also the Ambient Music feature, which allows users to set their choice of soothing tunes to fall asleep with at bedtime.

However, Proactive Sleep’s most enticing and unique feature is the aforementioned Proactive Game.  With easy, medium and hard settings, users can choose their wake up to be followed by this stimulation game that makes users tap the sun in order to determine if they are truly awake, measuring their morning grogginess.  As the App Store description of Proactive Sleep says, how refreshed you feel in the morning is greatly depends upon the amount of sleep you get and the time of day it occurs.  These factors are those that have the biggest effect on your “sleep inertia,” or morning grogginess.  (Users may find more key information and research such as this under the ‘Info’ tab in the navigational menu bar.)

With the ‘Diary’ tab, users can write notes to themselves, highlighting important information they may want to look back upon as reference.  Here, we also see the log of all the information being tracked: Sleep Amount, Time of Sleep, Difficulty Falling Asleep, and Sleep Efficiency.  The ‘Habits’ tab lets users monitor other key factors that may influence your day-to-day sleep habits, such as: mood, productivity, exercise, diet, caffeine, alcohol and medication intake.

With so many criteria to draw from, users will surely be able to come to some conclusion and possible solution for any sleeping problems they may be experiencing.  And, considering someone who uses Proactive Sleep may be one who needs to calm down and learn to relax a little, their simple, intuitive interface is exceptionally ideal as it does not confuse, mislead or add stress to your already hectic life.

Proactive Sleep Alarm Clock requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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