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There’s power in numbers – a theory that has often proved true. As social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook continue to put power in people’s hands to demand and create change, there comes a need to organize those efforts and rally together.

This is the principle behind pownum, a website and now, an iPhone app. It’s possible to register complaints, both officially and unofficially, for all sorts of companies and businesses, but unless we’re all adding our voices together, it won’t make nearly the difference.

You can register for free on the pownum website or in the app, and all you need is a username, password and email address. The main menu gives you the option to rate or find organizations, or view your profile (where you can choose whether or not to share your reviews on Facebook and Twitter). Tap “Rate” and begin entering the name of an organization. There are already thousands, so chances are good it will pop up, but if not you can be the first to enter it.

This app is simple and easy to navigate. Swipe the numbers to choose a rating (1-10), then click “Rate.” You’ll enter one word to accompany your review, and you also have the option of typing a full review. It’s best to give both potential customers and businesses themselves some idea of why you chose that rating, as the idea of this app is not simply to vent, but to encourage improvment.

By choosing “Find”, you can enter the name of several organizations to see how their ratings compare to one another, then view the details and reviews individuals made. Another interesting note is the “Right of Reply” on the pownum website. Companies can respond to reviews by paying a yearly fee of $8,000, half of which pownum will donate to charity.

But for you, the consumer, the right to add your voice is completely free. Whether you just had outstanding service at a local cafe or need to rage about how you were mistreated at the post office, there’s no reason not to download pownum and help to make a difference.

pownum requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer in order to speed up the publication of this review.

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