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Price: $2.99    Score: 10/10   By A. PapachristosLearn Muscles

Flash back to elementary school and you will surely remember, at one point or another, that time your class spent weeks – maybe even months – learning the intricacies of our very own human bodies.  From head to foot, you learned how each part functions and how they work together to keep us alive.

But those lessons were long ago for most, the knowledge a distant memory.  Yet, with Learn Muscles anyone can study and learn the inner workings of the muscular system with this quick and easy app by Real Bodywork.  With 120 muscle images and descriptions, 4 explanatory videos and 16 flashcard style quizzes, Learn Muscles truly lives up to its name.

When you begin, the home screen will show a picture of the human body broken down to display the muscular system.  The body has been broken down into four categories: Face, Arm, Torso and Leg.  The bottom right corner also users to access an ‘Overview’ of the entire system, which allows you to rotate the full-length picture provided and tap on whichever region interests you most.

Back on the home screen, users may also use the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner to view an alphabetized list of all the muscles featured within Learn Muscles.  This allows users to quickly access the muscles they truly need to study.  Choosing a specific region, however, will take users to a list that allows them access video, quizzes and information about every muscle involved in that area.

With a total of 15 minutes of video, Learn Muscles provides a general overview of the various regions reminiscent of the educational videos used in school, but cuts them down into easily digestible chunks that cater to the busy person’s attention span.  These four videos specifically focus on the face, shoulder, hip and back.

For an in depth look at all the muscles of a given region, simply scroll down to the list of muscles.  Each, when tapped on, will display a full color image highlighting the specific muscle and where it is.  Tap info in the top right corner and the image will flip to reveal information about the muscles – its name, action, origin, insertion and comments – in a convenient, outline approach that makes learning each much simpler than trying to extract the information from a book.

Once you’ve studied to capacity, test your knowledge with one of the 16 flashcard style multiple-choice question quizzes.  With 480 randomized questions total, focus on muscle name, action, origin and insertion for any region you desire.  No matter what category you choose, the quiz will begin by displaying an image for two seconds.  It will then flip over to reveal four choices, one of which is correct.  If you wish to see the image once more, simply tap “Flash Again.”  Answer correctly and you will receive one point.  Answer wrong and half a point will be deducted from your grand total.

As Learn Muscles’ App Store description suggests, it truly is a great reference, testing and educational tool for it lays out all the information in a simple manner, providing easy-to-use images to aid in the learning process.  And, whether you’re simply a student just learning the particulars of the muscular system, or you’re looking to teach the topic, Learn Muscles makes the task about learning, not just retaining and regurgitating what is taught.

Learn Muscles requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer in order to speed up the publication of this review.

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