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Packing can be quite a hassle.  When you go away somewhere, you cannot suddenly remember you forgot something and hop back over to your house to grab it quick.  Instead, you must think far enough in advance, accounting for every possible scenario so you can proceed prepared with the clothes and supplies you may need, whether definitely or just in case.

With GetPacked by LuuX Software, users are provided with a template for making their own packing lists, filled with suggestions that can be customized to serve the users exact wishes.  Their vast list of possible items and suggested to-do’s, however, may send your head spinning before you even get started, but it is always best to have a basic idea of what you’ll need before diving in anyway.

When you begin, you will tap ‘New packing list,’ which will lead you to a series of questions that will help narrow down your list and guide you in the right direction.  You will be asked what type of trip you are embarking upon, as well and where, when and other important things to help determine the most necessary items.  Based upon your answers, a list will automatically be compiled containing typical necessities one would take on a trip of your description.

Though this seems convenient and does indeed give you a basic foundation to build from, most using GetPacked are doing so to be thorough, meaning they’ll probably still have to adjust and go through the remaining suggestions contained in the app as well.  However, this extensive list may serve much better for those who may be moving and looking to create an itemized list of their belongings before loading up boxes and packing them in a truck.

Under ‘Edit’ you will be able to adjust what appears on the list and what you want to delete. Packing categories include: to do before departure, books and information, clothing, clothing accessories, consumer electronics, entertainment, food and drink, kitchen, medical, on the road, papers and money, party, personal care, personal items, pets, sleep, sports and recreation, stay, tools, transport, other and to do just before departure.  With all these potential categories, each filled with items galore, you might end up feeling even more bombarded and confused than when you began.

The ‘Packing’ icon displays your list and all the items you have deemed necessary to pack.  Next to each is a box that, when tapped, will add a check mark, labeling that item complete.  ‘Label’ lets you give the current list you are working on a title, description and image. The ‘Share’ tab allows users to send all or part of their list to others via email.

The homes screen, which you can return to at any time by using the house icon in the top right corner of the screen, also provides you with links to GetPacked’s Settings and Info and Manuals.  Upon startup, users will have to pick their native country, though this can be changed under Settings.  Also, the Info and Manuals provide users with some convenient links to various travel planning sites, as well as directions that should hopefully help you pilot your way through GetPacked’s vast assortment of potential packing items.  In fact, to some, navigating your way through GetPacked could be more difficult than the trip itself.

GetPacked requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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